Favorites of 2013: Miscellaneous Movies

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind holiday week, hasn’t it? Time flies when you’re reflecting on your favorite shows and movies of the year! We’re wrapping up our Favorites of 2013 with our miscellaneous movie categories: Shorts/Horror/Foreign Language and Scores.

Shorts/Horror/Foreign Language Films

The Intouchables



I will never claim to be a person who watches the critically acclaimed movies. The foreign movies I watch are usually limited to a few British films. However, The Intouchables trailer appealed to me, and it was an enjoyable film to watch. –Becca

Scores {Instrumental/Popular}

Warm Bodies

{Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders}


This movie chose an eclectic group of songs, and this is the reason why I love it. I love variance. —Becca

Iron Man 3

{Brian Tyler}

Even though there was no AC/DC to be found on the soundtrack for this Iron Man, the majority of the music was what I have been listening to this year. I’m also having some sort of affair with this version of “Jingle Bells.” —Becca

The World’s End

{Steven Price}

The soundtrack will bring back nostalgic feelings, and I have been feeling nostalgic all year. —Becca

That’s it for us! We’re looking forward to 2014 and all of the new favorites it is sure to bring us. We here at We Watch For The Plot wish you a safe and happy new year!


Favorites of 2013: TV Imports, Scores, and Shows We’ll Miss

Today, we’re wrapping up our favorite TV shows of 2013 with our miscellaneous categories: Imports, Scores, and Shows We’ll Miss.



{BBC One}

Miranda: “Do you know what my favorite three little words are? ‘All day breakfast.’”

The last part of Series 3 aired at the beginning of 2013, and it was delightful. Miranda falls for someone who loves her unconditionally, just as Gary finally gets up the nerve to confess his feelings to Miranda. The only downside is that the series ended on a heart-stopping cliffhanger. —Becca

Orphan Black

{Space / BBC America}


“We’re clones! We’re someone’s experiment and they’re killing us off!”

Tatiana Maslany is a revelation, the show is well-written, the shots are beautiful, and I can’t wait for it to come back in March. Thanks, Canada! —Kerry


{BBC America}


This was a brilliant drama, and The Killing should take notes from this series. The actors were wonderful, and the series was full of greatness. —Becca

Mr. Selfridge



Harry Gordon Selfridge is not a man worthy of sympathy, but he, his family, his business – his enemies and his allies – makes for incredibly compelling TV. —Moff

 The Paradise



It pains me when people only watch PBS for Downton Abbey or Sherlock when it has so much more to offer. The Paradise worked with its mix between Mr. Selfridge and Downton drama. —Becca


{BBC America}


The man cannot catch a break. As this show had already pointed out, bad things usually happen to the ones he loves, and it continued on during this series. Luckily, Luther has a great ally in Alice Morgan. —Becca


Sleepy Hollow

{Composers: Robert Lydecker, Brian Tyler}


Sleepy Hollow’s score manages to be creepy and poignant, and I have to give the show credit for setting the tone by using the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” in the pilot, which is a classic creepy rock song. —Moff

Shows We’ll Miss

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

{Webseries, YouTube}


It might be cheating a smidge, considering The Lizzie Bennet Diaries wasn’t actually on TV, but with two episodes a week (not counting Lydia and Gigi’s videos and Lizzie’s Q&A’s), it was far and away one of the best episodic series I watched all year. But all good stories must come to an end, and when your source material is 200 years old, the end is most defintely pre-set. —Moff

Go On


For some reason I thought Go On would be safe and have a second season. I was wrong. After a few episodes the show had found itself, and the episodes soon became a highlight of my week. Carrie was my favorite with Steven closely behind. This show knew how to tug at the heart strings as well as make you laugh. —Becca




As much as Eureka ended in 2012, I didn’t catch up with it until this year. Eureka was not only the smartest little town in America, but it was also the one town in the Pacific Northwest for which I’d be willing to move back to the area. At least the town was saved from complete dismantlement, and will continue on in its own pocket universe, where time is cyclical (literally) and the high school science fair often has life-or-death stakes. —Moff

Happy Endings



My favorite part of this show was when it mixed up the combos. There were the favorites, like Penny, and Brad and Jane being the best married couple on TV. Each character was their own person, and I will miss all of them. —Becca




This show did many things, and both Anna Torv and John Noble deserved more recognition for their acting, especially with their numerous characters. While some shows would probably fail with alternate universes, this show was able to handle it. This show will always have a place in my heart with Astrid, Walter, Peter and Olivia, and Lincoln Lee. —Becca

Back in the Game



I’ll miss the Gannons, Lulu, and the kids. Dick, not so much. (I will miss all those “That’s not a euphemism” jokes I made on Twitter, though.) —Kerry

Being Human

{BBC Three}


A werewolf, a ghost and a vampire become roommates. No, it’s not a set up for a joke, but it is the premise for one of funniest, cleverest and most violent allegories for the reality of millennials. After all, as Being Human illustrated, a crippled job market, inability to move on from old relationships, or a vague five-year plan are nothing compared to, technically, being dead. —Moff

This afternoon, we’ll wrap up our Favorites of 2013 with our miscellaneous movie categories.

Favorites of 2013: Animated Movies

This afternoon we bring you our favorite animated movies of 2013.

Despicable Me 2



Agnes: I don’t think I should do this.
Gru: How come?
Agnes: Because I don’t have a mother.
Gru: That makes no difference, you performed in the Veteran’s Day play and you haven’t even been in combat.

This was such a cute and funny movie. Then again, I’m very partial to the minions. —Kerry

Monsters University



Sulley: I act scary, Mike. But most of the time, I’m terrified.
Mike Wazowski: How come you never told me that before?
Sulley: Because, we weren’t friends before.

College is the time of your life where you are no longer a child, but not yet an adult. This movie shows how two complete opposites can turn into the best of friends, and how Mike and Sulley find their own identities. It is heartfelt. —Becca

Rise of the Guardians



Jamie Bennett: What if we stop believing in you?
Jack Frost: Hey, slow down, slow down! Are you telling me to stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?
Jamie Bennett: No.

It may have been a film from last year, but the movie was released on DVD this year. It deals with an invisible Jack Frost, who strives to be seen as he tries to discover his past. Frost becomes the real hero of the film because a child’s belief is one of the most powerful things in the world. —Becca

Note: Only one of us (Becca) has seen “Frozen.” 

Favorites of 2013: TV Episodes

This is my favorite category of the series, because it’s really hard to make a perfect episode of television. Here are our choices of favorites for 2013.

“The Dinner Party”

{Miranda, Season 3 Episode 3}


“Excuse me, my function is not dysfamily, we are not fisdunctional!”

This is one of Miranda’s best episodes. Miranda is trying to be more grown up until the party is completely ruined. Her speech about being tired of trying to be an adult, and how the world would be better if everyone found it enjoyable like a child, was awesome. —Becca


{Elementary, Season 1 Episode 16}


Marcus: “We fought yesterday. You were shot in the back. No way you saw who did it, no way you could’ve known for sure it wasn’t me.”
Andre: “But I did know. I know you. You gotta look out for family, even when they disappoint you.”

An episode about details was perfect for Marcus Bell to shine. It was also a great episode to see the relationship between Sherlock and Joan strengthen, but the best part was seeing Joan figure out a missing piece of the case before Sherlock. —Kerry

“Music Festival”

{The Mindy Project, Season 2 Episode 3}


Danny: “Okay, do I think DJing is dumb? Yeah.”
Mindy: “I know, I think it’s dumb too.”
Danny: “Yeah, but… you gotta go. He’s your fiance, it’s his dream.”

What happens when you set a bottle episode in some place other than a single room? You get the definition of situational comedy, now with added hipsters. —Moff

“Are You Receiving?”

{Almost Human, Season 1 Episode 3}


The only downfall of this episode is that it’s not set at Christmas, as otherwise it’s a well-written, well-structured and clever homage to Die Hard. —Moff

“Leslie and Ben”

{Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Episode 14}


“No time to do the Tim Gunn voice. Wait, what am I talking about? There’s always time.”

While April and Andy are my OTP of the show, Parks and Recreation knows how to do their weddings. After the first wedding was ruined, Leslie’s friends banded together to create the perfect wedding in the Parks department. —Becca

“Keep Your Enemies Close”

{Arrow, Season 2 Episode 6}


“What happens in Russia stays in Russia. Even when it makes no sense whatsoever.”

The easy way out would be saying all of the Arrow episodes are fantastic, and they are in their own way. This one stands out to me because of Team Arrow. More importantly, Diggle has to face Deadshot while rescuing his ex-wife, Lyla, from a Russian prison. —Becca

“Deez Nups”

{Psych, Season 7 Episode 7}


“Protect her with your life! That is not hyperbole!”

This episode was full of surprises, none bigger than the one at the end: Juliet finds out Shawn’s big secret. I loved this episode from start to finish, from Lassie admitting to not having many friends to Gus’ dancing at the reception. Marlowe was stunning in pink. —Kerry

“Lady Killer”

{Person of Interest, Season 3 Episode 3}


For a show that’s so often underused its female characters (aside from Amy Acker’s Root), this was both an interesting case-of-the-week and a chance for Sarah Shahi, Taraji P. Henson and Paige Turco to shine. —Moff

“Quite a Common Fairy”

{Once Upon a Time, Season 3 Episode 3}


“Pick hope over anger. Choose love and help me get my son back.”

By far, the back story of Tinker Bell and the Evil Queen was the most compelling and best written of the Neverland arc. —Moff

“100 Clues”

{Psych, Season 7 Episode 5}


Shawn: “He is planning on taking us out, one by one by one by one by one by one by one!”
Juliet: “So he’s gonna kill four more people?”
Shawn: “No! He’s gonna kill five more people. Two plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one is seven.”

For Psych’s 100th episode they did an homage to the movie Clue. I only wish I could’ve seen the Chocolate Room. —Becca

“Three Ghosts”

{Arrow, Season 2 Episode 9}


Oliver: “I’ll come back.”
Felicity: “Promise me?”

I can’t give too much away–Becca and Moff haven’t seen this one yet. Let’s just say that on top of some great character and relationship moments, we got bonus Barry Allen, bonus-bonus HalluciSlade Wilson, and extra-special-double-bonus *cameo appearance by spoiler alert*. I’ve said too much already. —Kerry


{Elementary, Season 1 Episode 24}


“You know, she solved you. The mascot. Watson.  … You said there was only one person in the world who could surprise you. Turns out, there’s two.”

Natalie Dormer was wonderful as Moriarty, and the only thing that beat it was Joan Watson figuring out Moriarty and her weaknesses. —Becca

“Two Parties”

{Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Episode 10}


“Anything that can be penis-shaped, will be penis-shaped!”

Ben and Leslie’s Bachelor/Bachelorette parties don’t go according to plan. Leslie’s gets derailed by Councilman Jamm and his plans to build a Paunch Burger in the lot behind Ann’s house. Ben’s lame party turns into a group bachelor party once the guys realize that though all of them except Chris have been married, none of them have had a bachelor party of their own. The men’s all-night party turns out to be really sweet. —Kerry

“You’ve Got Sext”

{The Mindy Project, Season 2 Episode 8}

Mindy: “You do not make pancakes for someone who is ‘just a hookup.’ I’ve been told that by like ten different guys!”
Danny: “Okay, I’m Italian, I like to cook!”

The reluctant roommates trope was made even better by Mindy not realizing how uncomfortable she made Danny. I love that he spent the whole episode thinking she had some kind of crush on him, only to find out she’s actually into Cliff. I also love that Morgan and Peter were creepily sexting Cliff from Mindy’s phone, because why not? —Kerry

Favorites of 2013: Leading Ladies and Leading Men (Movies)

Leading Ladies

Rinko Kikuchi

{Mako Mori, Pacific Rim}


I really enjoyed the relationship Mako has with Idris Elba’s character, the tragic childhood she had, and the way she overcame it in order to help save humankind. —Becca

Melissa McCarthy

{The Heat, Identity Thief}


It was a great year for Melissa McCarthy, and I really loved her in both of these movies. —Kerry

Rachel Weisz

{Hypatia, Agora}


Rachel Weisz has come a long way from flighty librarian Evelyn in The Mummy, and her portrayal of Hypatia of Alexandria is both inspiring and heartbreaking. —Moff

Emma Thompson

{Pamela “P.L.” Travers, Saving Mr. Banks}


Emma Thompson was wonderful with the role of Mrs. P.L. Travers, the no-nonsense lady who held strong convictions. The firm attachment she had to this story was so believable, and the keen sense of her hurting was so believable. —Becca

Leading Men

Chris Hemsworth

{Thor Odinson, Thor: The Dark World}


I get a little defensive when people say Thor: The Dark World was actually Loki’s movie. Chris Hemsworth did a fantastic job, bringing heart and humor to a character that could’ve easily been flat and unsympathetic. (He was so polite when he hung up Mjolnir on the coat rack.) —Kerry

Richard Armitage

{Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey}


I don’t know whether it’s the hair or the granite expression, but while Richard Armitage’s Thorin may have little to no personality, he’s still sympathetic. —Moff

It’s the prosthetic nose. Irresistible. —Kerry

Mark Ruffalo

{Dylan Rhodes, Now You See Me}


I just love him in this movie. —Kerry

Martin Freeman

{Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey}


It is always great to see one of your favorite actors become more popular. For me, I don’t think anyone else could pull off Bilbo with his insecurity, bravery,and sassiness the way Freeman has. —Becca

Tom Hiddleston

{Loki Laufeyson, Thor: The Dark World}


The title may say Thor, but it was as much as Loki’s film as it was Thor’s. I love how complex Loki is, and how Hiddleston has made Loki such a lovable bad guy. —Becca

Favorites of 2013: TV Ships and Friendships

This is the big one–the one with our favorite TV ships and friendships/partnerships/bromances/what-have-you of 2013.


Oliver Queen / Felicity Smoak



Felicity: You killed again, and I am the one who put you into the position where you had to make that kind of choice.
Oliver: He had you, and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.

All three of us are big fans of Oliver and Felicity. They complement each other really well, they have great chemistry, and they deeply care for each other. And they’re just so pretty together. —Kerry

Danny Castellano / Mindy Lahiri

{The Mindy Project}


Mindy: “You should get the Philadelphia roll. Danny says it’s amazing, it’s his favorite.”

Mindy: “Haven’t you ever had to do something because of work?”
Jason: “Yeah, sure, I just went to my boss’s kid’s graduation, but that doesn’t mean I’ve memorized her favorite sushi order.”

These two snuck up on me. I love their bickering, their friendship, and the way that they seem to be in love with each other without even realizing it. —Kerry

Monroe / Rosalee Calvert



Monroe and Rosalee’s romance could have seemed shoe-horned into the main narrative, and the differences in their upbringings could be overlooked, but the evolution of their relationship was natural, and they are confronting their contradictory natures in a way that’s both realistic and believable. —Moff

April Ludgate / Andy Dwyer

{Parks and Recreation}


“I’m going to tell you a secret about everyone else’s job: No one knows what they’re doing. Deep down, everyone is just faking it until they figure it out. And you will, too, because you are awesome and everyone else sucks.”

This is probably the relationship most would have believed would fail, but it hasn’t. The love and support they show each other is unique and genuine. —Becca

Barney Stinson / Robin Scherbatsky

{How I Met Your Mother}


Barney: “Our wedding is gonna be legendary.”
Robin: “No ‘wait for it?'”
Barney: “I’ve got you, I don’t have to wait for it anymore.”

Who knew they’d make it all the way to the neverending wedding weekend? The writing isn’t doing them any favors (they keep having to spin their wheels as the writers try to fill the entire season with pointless shenanigans) but they’re still growing into a supportive, if unconventional, couple. —Kerry

Jemma Simmons / Grant Ward

{Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.}


F.Z.Z.T. is the episode I started shipping these two together. It is also the episode I finally started to like Ward. The scene where Ward mocks himself and Jemma corrects him sealed it for me. Plus: height difference. —Becca

Kensi Blye / Marty Deeks



Deeks: “I’ve never had a girl give me her knife before. Does that mean we’re official?”
Kensi: “You know sometimes a knife is just a knife.”

Ah, one of the great ‘will they, won’t they’ partnerships of the police procedural world. As much as I continue to hold out hope Eric Christian Olsen will one day return to Greendale, I can’t put into words how pleased I am Kensi and Deeks have finally taken the logical next step. —Moff

Joan Watson / Marcus Bell



Bell [to Sherlock]: “Where’s your better half?”

Bell and Joan have always had a unique chemistry; Bell initially liked Joan better than he liked Sherlock, and Joan always had a deep respect for Bell’s talents as an investigator. This season, there was a one-off line where Bell complimented Joan in her bulletproof vest, and suddenly, it felt like there was something there. It’s never overt: even when Joan brings him meals after his injury, it’s played as Joan just being a nice person. I won’t be mad if they never date, but I think they’d be great together. —Kerry

Ryan King / Carrie

{Go On}


Ryan: “I know we work together, and that’s weird. I don’t know what I want. I just- I just want it to still be a possibility between us.”
Carrie: “You’re right, it’s complicated. We work together… I quit. Ball’s in your court.”

The show got canceled, but before it ended Carrie kissed Ryan and told him the ball was in his court. I would like to believe this May/December romance actually worked out. —Becca

Ben Wyatt / Leslie Knope

{Parks and Recreation}


“Your heart is in the right place. Your heart and your butt.”

They’re married! They’re still amazing together! And sometimes I go back and watch the early seasons, where Mark Brendanowicz calls Leslie a dork and treats her enthusiasm like it’s an annoying little quirk, and I get really, really, insanely happy that Leslie found someone who loves that about her. —Kerry

Rumplestiltskin / Belle

{Once Upon a Time}


“You were the only one who could ever see past it… past the mask of the monster.”

While the Charmings have already had their somewhat happy ending, it feels like Rumplestiltskin and Belle will never get theirs. The pairing is beautiful, but it is hard for them to catch a break (especially after the winter finale). —Becca

Harvey Specter / Donna Paulsen


Harvey: “You and Stephen, it bothers me. I know it’s not fair, but it does.”
Donna: “Good.”

I just want them to be together and happy. Is that too much to ask? —Kerry


Shawn Spencer & Burton Guster



Shawn: “I think we should call the police and let the chips fall where they may.”
Gus: “You’re talking like a real white guy right now, Shawn. Brothers don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I will not rot in a cell. You said we were in this together!”
Shawn: “C’mon, man. You know I’m gonna bake you a cake with a gun in it.”

Their friendship has only gotten better over this past year. Gus supported Shawn during his breakup with Jules, and Shawn learned to share Gus when Gus started a serious relationship with a woman. —Kerry

Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson {Elementary}


Joan: “You named a bee after me?”

Best partnership on TV. But, you know… besides all the other partnerships we have listed here. —Kerry

Team Arrow (Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak)



Felicity: “What are you doing?”
Diggle: “Calling 911.”
Felicity: “Digg, wait!”
Diggle: “We can’t wait!”
Felicity: “How are we supposed to explain this? Everyone’s gonna find out Oliver is the vigilante!”
Diggle: “It won’t matter if he’s dead! Felicity, we can’t save him!”
Felicity: “I know! You’re right. We can’t.”

They all have their own special friendships with each other, and they work well as a team. It will be interesting to see how dynamics might change when/if someone else fully joins the team. —Becca

Ichabod Crane & Abbie Mills

{Sleepy Hollow}


The friendship has grown so quickly in just a few episodes. It is a strong friendship, and their camaraderie is enjoyable. —Becca

Sarah Manning & Felix Dawkins

{Orphan Black}


Felix: Sarah.
Sarah: What?
Felix: Um, just don’t die… ’cause your first funeral was just agonizing enough.

Felix has endured a lot (Sarah’s threatening ex-boyfriend, obstruction of justice, countless police interrogations, and oh yeah, all of that clone stuff) and he’s still deeply loyal to Sarah. That’s what family is for, right? —Kerry

Samantha Shaw & Root

{Person of Interest}


While former government agent Shaw hesitates to give anarchist hacker Root too much free reign, the morally dubious Root’s willingness to take immediate action appeals to the trigger-happy Shaw. —Moff

George Altman & Noah Werner



The news of Alan Tudyk no longer being a regular on Suburgatory depressed me. I found George’s and Noah’s friendship was one of my main highlights for the show. In some ways, they don’t appear to have a lot in common, but the time they spent on screen together were some of the best moments of the show. —Becca

Ron Swanson & Leslie Knope

{Parks and Recreation}


Ron: “You are a wonderful person. Your friendship means a lot to me. And you look very beautiful.”
Leslie: “Okay, weirdo. Let’s go.”

He walked her down the aisle. Twice. He also punched out a jackass at her wedding. Leslie, in turn, organized a beautiful wedding present for Ron: an intricate trip up to the Lagavulin distillery in Scotland. It moved Ron to tears. —Kerry

Lance Sweets & Seeley Booth



Dr. Lance Sweets and Agent Seeley Booth have grown from bickering antagonists to friends and coworkers who trust each other’s instincts. —Moff

Ryan King & Steven

{Go On}


Ryan had his support group, but he also has his best friend, Steven. Steven was still the one who understood who Ryan was, and wanted to be there for him. In my head, they are still the best of friends and double date together (Ryan with Carrie and Steven with Lauren). —Becca

Quentin Lance & Felicity Smoak



Oliver: “Felicity…”
Felicity: “Already on it.”
Lance [amazed]: “How the hell can she do that?”

Felicity and (former) Det. Lance have had only a few instances where they’ve worked together, but I think future episodes will reveal their values are more in line than they currently realize. —Moff

Favorites of 2013: Supporting Movie Characters

Never fear, we will get to our favorite leading ladies and gents tomorrow, but this post is all about the great supporting characters from this year, as well as the characters who didn’t get much screentime.


{Idris Elba, Thor: The Dark World}


Heimdall was criminally underused in the first Thor movie, so I was happy to see his role expanded in the sequel. He took down a spaceship! How do you top that? —Kerry

Trevor Slattery / The Mandarin

{Ben Kingsley, Iron Man 3}


He was brilliant in this film. I love this man. —Becca


{Clark Gregg, Much Ado About Nothing}


The man already recieved my love by playing Coulson; my love grew even more with the emotion he put into his role as Leonato. —Becca

Alma Dray

{Mélanie Laurent, Now You See Me}


I love the fact that she believed throughout the entire film, no matter what. She was a good investigator with good instincts, but at the end of the day, she believed in the power of a good magic show. —Kerry

Kili and Fili

{Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey}


Half the reason these two are my favorite dwarves is because Kili is played by Aidan Turner of the UK’s Being Human, but they are a matched set. The other half is they remind me of my brother and his friends when they were younger and full of slightly less good ideas. —Moff


{Ewan McGregor, Jack the Giant Slayer}


Ewan McGregor could’ve easily slipped into camp, making the princess’s bodyguard seem like a Monty Python character, but he played Elmont with the loyalty and honor of a true medieval knight. He recognized Jack’s worth, he stayed behind to retrieve the crown, and he didn’t hesitate to protect the castle as soon as he fell down from the beanstalk. The fact that he took his job seriously, and that his humorous moments were not at the expense of the situation, made Elmont a more likeable character than he might have been otherwise. I’ll even go as far as saying that he elevated the entire movie. —Kerry


{Jaimie Alexander, Thor: The Dark World}


Always choose to stay on Asgard with your kickass and beautiful warrior friend. Don’t go to Earth. What were you thinking, Thor? Sif is judging you. —Kerry


{Zachary Levi, Thor: The Dark World}


The Warriors Three and Lady Sif did not get a lot of screen time in this film compared to the first, and I greatly missed them. Fandral is the only character on my list of Characters Who Did Not Get Enough Screentime. (This is partly because I like to see Zach Levi on any screen.) —Becca