Ant-Man: A New Hope

*Warning: This post contains spoilers to Ant-Man*

I was wary about Ant-Man, when it was announced that Edgar Wright had left the production. What piqued my interest with the film again was announcement of Evangeline Lilly being in the film. A part of my problem was I never really pictured any of the actors in a Marvel film, but I should have learned by now Marvel generally excels at casting. Michael Peña definitely gets the MVP for the film (as well as Paul Rudd’s face which never ages). His character made this film feel like a mix between a heist and superhero film. The whole knowing a guy scenes were a delight with him telling the story.

The film also didn’t hurt with Sam Wilson’s (Falcon) appearance. It joined the movie to modern day Marvel Cinematic Universe. The world needs more Falcon. I would also like to applaud the film with Scott Lang suggesting they call the Avengers to help out. The thing about watching single character films after the first Avengers movie is they generally leave me asking why the character didn’t call up their new buddies to help out?

The one thing that caught my main focus is some Marvel movies can actually give more than one origin story in a film. Captain America had two origin stories. The forefront story was Steve Rogers, but then we also learned about Bucky Barnes who became the Winter Soldier between the first film and Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Ant-Man dealt with Scott Lang’s origin, but it also showed Hope van Dyne’s story. I fell for Hope and believe there was not enough screen time with her character. The mid credits scene appealed to me because Hank Pym was finally giving Hope her own suit. It shows potential with her character.

Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky has a 9 picture deal with Marvel. If Marvel has this deal with him, why can’t they make Hope’s character a bigger player? Yes, Bucky is big in the universe, but so is The Wasp. If Marvel is going with a new direction with her then let Hope become a bigger part. We need more ladies in these films. Captain Marvel is eventually going to come out in theaters, but what about the other characters? Marvel needs to give more screen time for Hope, and they could easily. They don’t need to worry about an origin story. We already got it with Ant-Man.

The film altogether was enjoyable. I don’t think it was absolutely necessary for Scott and Hope to be caught kissing in the end, but it was still an enjoyable film.

*Other observations*

*I was absolutely surprised and excited to see a Hayley Atwell appearance as Peggy Carter, at the beginning of the film.

*Major kudos to giving the girl a train set. It showed a girl does not have to have a room full of dolls.

*I think Kevin Feige is starting to walk a thin line by not exactly including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Grant Ward is taking over Hydra so it makes me wonder how Mitchell Carson is tied into Hydra with no association with Ward. Yes, I know there can be different subsets, but it is still becoming a fine line.


It’s Almost Here!

San Diego Comic Con starts this week, and the internet will come alive. My Tumblr and Twitter feed will fill up so fast, it will be hard to stay on top of it. The internet has made it easier for people who are not able to attend the Con. News of panels and interviews arrives seconds after announcements are made (some sources even livestream). Then there is my favorite part of this coming weekend, NERD HQ. Where some of my favorite people do panels with fans for charity. While I may not be there in person, I made a list of randomness to find while living on the internet for the next few days.

1. Surprise Guests

2. Hayley Atwell doing at least 3 Dubsmash videos

3. Someone giving the finger (probably a cast member from The Walking Dead)

4. hearing the word “Awesome”

5. mention of a Chuck movie

6. seeing former cast mates meet up

7. mention of Stephen Amell’s upper body (bonus points for visual)

8. Firefly reference (there should be many this year with Con Man being at SDCC)

9. obscene amount of PDA between casts

10. cosplayers from canceled shows

Have a fun weekend, and may it be full of epicness! Always remember you can have fun on SDCC weekend thanks to the internet. Yell at your friends at how rude your favorite people are being and bond.

What to Binge: Miranda

One beautiful thing about this summer is people discovering Miranda Hart. I was excited to see her cast in Spy because I knew it would lead to people falling in love with her. Before this movie, the chances of someone from the U.S.A. knowing her would have been through Call the Midwife. They would have not known she is this amazing comedian, or she had her own show, Miranda. This week’s binge watch choice is Miranda, which can be found on Hulu . This is me telling you, “WATCH IT!!!” If me telling you to watch it is not enough reason, then here five more reasons to watch this glorious show.


1. Relating to Miranda

In less than three episodes you will find yourself agreeing to something Miranda does or says. Her belief in never giving up childish fun is what relates to me the most. I hope I never grow up and become a serious adult, if it means giving up on the things I find fun.


2. Tom Ellis

The man is fine. The chemistry him and Miranda have is great. You will want Miranda and Gary to end up together. There will be a need for them to be happy, and kiss (then kiss again and again). It doesn’t hurt that Tom Ellis is tall like Miranda. When they are in a scene together, you forget how incredibly tall they are.

*If you are planning on watching Lucifer of Fox this winter, now is a chance to get your first taste of Tom Ellis (if you haven’t already).


3. Her Mother

Another way you may find yourself relating to Miranda is with her mother, Penny. She is constantly wanting Miranda to marry and have a grown up job. However, the relationship is still a delight to watch. The bottle episode where Miranda and Penny are in a psychiatrist’s office is one of the strongest episodes of the series.


4. Miranda’s and Stevie’s Friendship

While the series had the will they or won’t they relationship with Miranda and Gary, it also focused on  her friendship with Stevie. At first glance, it seems like they have nothing in common both physically and personality wise. However, these two had some of the best moments on the show, and I would be lost without them.


5. Learning to Accept Yourself

One of the themes about Miranda is her finding self-actualization. It also taught the audience members how to accept themselves on who they are. It is important to love and accept yourself for who you are, and this show is a perfect example of this life lesson.


Bonus: The hotel episodes are two of the best episodes.

Identity Crisis

*Warning: This post contains spoilers to CW’s Arrow Episode 3.16, “The Offer.”*

When I first learned the season three theme for Arrow would be about identity, I did not expect it to become such a mess. However, the writers must have believed the characters would only be able to figure out who they really are, and what they stood for by making them out of character this year. The season has now aired sixteen episodes, and I am only starting to see a glimpse of why I fell in love with the show in the first place. The fact of the matter is the theme fits because the show itself lost its identity this year.

The majority of last week’s episode was a right out mess, but it finally showed us a bit of why I came to love Arrow in the first place with the help of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. Oliver actually does toy with the idea of becoming Heir to the Demon, and we were able to get some great scenes between the partners on why Oliver became Arrow in the first place. We finally get a glimpse of the man who does not make speeches on top of vehicles to crowds. Instead we get Oliver leaving the police station not expecting a thank you from Quentin Lance.

Oliver has lost focus on why he started his crusade in the first place, he didn’t start to to receive thanks or hero worship.

One of Oliver’s greatest fears is losing the ones closest to him, and Ra’s al Ghul knows it. Oliver has been trying to control everyone’s life around him this season because he believes only he can protect them. However, it has been backfiring on him. He has forgotten to stand by his family and friends instead of in front of them. He needs to support them and not try taking control over their lives thinking it is for the greater good.

The truth is Oliver would only lose his partners if he took Ra’s up on his offer. Luckily Diggle and Felicity are there to give him some cognitive recalibration.

I miss the show I fell in love with, and truly wish for the show to get its act together.


Other Observations:

*I will always be grateful for Quentin Lance. He is the only one who has been able to stay in character even though he is trying to remember who he was.

*Yes to the Nyssa and Laurel friendship. Nyssa has only known her life with the League of Assassins, and it would be interesting to see her explore who she is when she is not under her father’s command.

*While Walter may not always be on screen the writers need to include him. He was and still is a father figure to Thea. Yet the show seems to forgotten about how Walter helped raise Thea during her adolescent years.

*Diggle talked to Felicity about the offer. I’m glad these two confide in each other even if it is offscreen.

Jemma vs Jemma

There are two Jemma Simmons out there in the Marvel universe: the TV show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma and the comic book, S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma.


The comic book was inspired by the TV show, but there are differences between the two of them. The first being Skye is not part of the team, and while I greatly miss Skye I found the first issues enjoyable. One of the main reasons why I found them enjoyable is the way Jemma has been portrayed in the comics.

In the first issue Jemma is going on her first field mission as an operative. She still has her mad science skills, but Melinda May has also been training her in combat. As soon as I saw these pages, I greedily ate them up. This is what I have been wanting from the show. I don’t necessarily need May to be the one who trains her, but I firmly believe Jemma already needs to start training as an operative. She has already gone undercover with Hydra, and has handled a gun a few times on the show.


The problem is no one has been teaching her. While the show has been taking the time to train Skye, they have not taken the same time to train Jemma or Fitz in the basics. The pilot made a point to mention both Jemma and Fitz were not ready to go into the field, but nothing has been changed about this situation. I do not think Jemma and Fitz should always be in the field, but the two of them cannot always stay in the lab. They need basic training to defend themselves. Someone needs to teach Jemma how to properly aim a gun. If she is going to be carrying one to protect herself, someone needs to train her. May approved of Jemma shooting Raina, but the fact remains Jemma missed keeping Raina down. May did not mention anything about Jemma needing to practice. Jemma does not need to be with guns blazing, but she does need to be properly trained.


One of my hopes is Bobbi Morse will teach her. Of course with the two different S.H.I.E.L.D.s it may be a pipe dream, but Bobbi has already befriended Jemma. I welcome scenes between the two of them because Jemma doesn’t have a mentor on the show.

Another wish fulfilled I got by reading the comics is getting a glimpse of comic Jemma’s background. They reveal who her father is and part of her personal life. This Jemma has a family. She has a father, mother, sister, and brother. We learn how hard it is for her to keep her S.H.I.E.L.D. life a secret, but she has a sense of who she is.

Season one gave us a Jemma like this, and we did find out early in the series she does have parents. However, Jemma changed when Hydra came out of hiding. After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., we have seen a lost Jemma, one who is not sure of what her real purpose is anymore. It is one of the reasons why she went undercover with Hydra because it did give her a purpose. Protecting the ones she loves gave her a purpose, but the mid season finale has again highlighted a lost Jemma. Trip was her responsibility after the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D., and she wasn’t there to protect him. Jemma has always had this instinct to protect the ones around her first with jumping out of the bus, and then by jumping on the supposed grenade on the train in season one.

Now she is at a loss, she doesn’t know how to protect the team. When she does, she goes about it the wrong way leading Fitz and Skye keeping secrets from her. The impact the mid-season finale has caused a fracture which needs to be mended. The whole team is suffering, Jemma included.

The rest of the season will probably remain with the dark tone it has taken especially when Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out. However, it should not be an excuse not to build on Jemma’s character. For the most part we have mainly seen Jemma’s reactions to what is happening to those around her. The stories have been great where the rest of the characters have been concerned, but it feels like Jemma is suffering where the rest have been strengthening.

While I may be in love with what the first two issues of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done with Jemma, I know the reason why I love it so much is because of my love for Agent Jemma Simmons on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Without Elizabeth Henstridge’s portrayal of Jemma Simmons, I would not be so deeply invested in the comic character.


A Farewell to Miranda: My Top 10 Favorite Episodes

My dearest friends, Brittany and Kerry, introduced me to Miranda, and I was so confused by this lady talking to the audience. It took a couple of episodes to get into the show.

I had no idea how I should treat the show, but the charm and wit slowly won me over. The characters are lovable, and my life would not be the same without it.

The last final two episodes reminded me of how truly great this show is. The second to last episode showed how important Stevie’s and Miranda’s friendship is. Yes, there was drama between Gary and Miranda, but it was the storyline between Miranda and Stevie that really got to me. You are nothing without your best friend.

The last episode, shows that Miranda has finally found confidence in herself. Yes, she still has the quirkiness we have all grown to love, but she (and the therapist from series two) recognized who she is and is comfortable with it.


The series ends with Miranda not having to rely on her mother so much, and going after Gary. Gary also grew during the series, and it is because they both grew that they were finally able to marry in the end.


So here are my top ten favorite episode of Miranda, which led the way for the finale.

10. “The New Me” (Series 2, Episode 1)

 There’s a massive goat in my sitting room, and you forgot to say.

It’s good. Isn’t it? You said your mum hates goats.

Ghosts. I said ghosts. Who has any strong opinions on goats?

Miranda decides to move on since Gary left, and meets Danny. As the episode goes on you can see her gain confidence, and Danny genuinely likes Miranda. However, Gary shows up a the end of the episode and things slowly fall back into place. This episode shows a glimpse of Miranda becoming the woman she is the finale. It also proves what the finale addressed about Penny being a major part in Miranda’s life when she moves in with Miranda and takes over.


9. “The Perfect Christmas” (Series 2, Episode 6)

 I will not have my perfect Christmas ruined by standing awkwardly in front of a group of people whose singing ability inversely proportional to their enthusiasm.

Miranda wants to escape her parent’s Christmas because she believes the perfect Christmas would be one without them and Penny’s organizational skills. All of Miranda’s friends end up at her place, but in the end realize Penny’s Christmas is the best Christmas. It is one that is planned, but what makes it the best is all of them are together including Gary who Miranda has made up with. It is always a sad day when Miranda and Gary are at odds.


8. “Teacher” (Series 1, Episode 2)

Right I’m not apologizing. I’m still angry.


I’ve had a thought.


Tomorrow night, I’m going to give you a proper-

Take me.

-cooking lesson. What?

*sings* Take me on. Take on me. I’ll be there.

Miranda and Gary have agreed on being each other safeties, and Miranda goes throughout the rest of the episode trying to create a moment with him. We also learn Miranda is not fully comfortable with shenanigans. This is a place I relate with her. I’m repressed, but for me I enjoy being repressed. I like saying the word shenanigans. It is a fun word to say.

This episode also features one of the many steamy make believe make out sessions between Miranda and Gary. What was the icing on the cake and sealed the show for me was Miranda making her kettle like Mrs. Potts.


7. “Let’s Do It” (Series 2, Episode 3)

 Well. We could give it a shot. I mean. What’s the worst that could happen?

Humiliation, embarrassment, fire, explosions, collisions, tears, nudity, and death, but that was bad luck involving a rogue crème brûlée torch. It’s very unlikely to happen twice.

Gary and Miranda finally go on a date, and decide to sleep together. However, finding the perfect moment is nonexistent. Meanwhile, Miranda’s allure is very strong leading to three men in their boxers in her apartment at the same time. The episode is entertaining with Gary and Miranda finally acknowledging there is something between them to all the women doing karaoke at the end.


6. “Before I Die” (Series 2, Episode 2)

I just got caught reading Mein Kampf to children.

Miranda worries about nobody having anything to say at her funeral and decides to do good deeds. However, this episode in usual Miranda fashion provides the opposite effect. Whenever she tries something good, it goes horribly wrong. Then when she tries to get out of being godmother, the parents only seeing her do good deeds. In the end, Miranda gets what she want by giving her own eulogy, and then punching a vicar to get out of being godmother.


5. “What a Surprise” (Series 3, Episode 2)

 Stop the music, thank you. And can you stop bopping? We’re shopping, not bopping. Thank you very much. And this is not a clown outfit. It may look big, but that’s because it is worn by the type of woman who sports something you may not have heard of called flesh. That’s flesh because we like something called cake. Cake. You should try it, and if you’re young enough for lucky metabolisms, it won’t last. And can everyone just leave please, if you’re heavy enough to make the automatic doors open. Altogether jump as one.

Miranda finally gets a boyfriend. Miranda goes out with Tilly and Stevie to find men because Gary has found a girlfriend. She reencounters Mike, and tries her best to act like an adult. In the end, Mike finds out Miranda is not who she was trying to portray herself as, but finds her quirkiness endearing. He is slowly falling for the Miranda we have already grown to love.

4. “A Brief Encounter” (Series 3, Episode 6)

You’ve had more farewells than Cher.

Miranda decides to forget about Gary, and go on another trip. She fails to leave three times, but on the last time Gary finally admits to Miranda that he loves her. Gary admits he has commitment issues, and that is what she wants. She wants to be in a committed relationship with him. The episode ends with Miranda between Mike and Gary who have both just proposed to her. The episode was so enjoyable with callbacks to previous episodes. It is one of my favorites because Miranda ends up at the same hotel and we get to see Jason again. This time he has to deal with both Miranda and Stevie whose friendship is so beautiful in this episode.


3. “Holiday” (Series 1, Episode 4)

 Exciting. I’m a trouser press. Open me up. Insert something inside of- that sounds wrong.

The group accuses Miranda of not being wild enough, and to prove that she is she decides to go to Thailand. As the episode progresses one by one they learn Miranda only went around the corner to stay at a local hotel. However, she does prove she did have a wild holiday. It may have not been intentional but through the course of the episode she accidently ordered an escort who turned out to be Clive, and impersonated another person. Miranda proves you can have a wild time even if you do not leave your place of comfort. I can relate to this because I may not always be in the middle of a dance floor, but I’m a person who finds some of the smallest things amusing.


2. “Just Act Normal” (Series 2, Episode 5)

Mother and daughter. Mother’s protective instinct has become dominating fueled by fear of how she is perceived by outer world. Daughter seeks mother’s guidance and approval as she is yet to find her own voice.

Absolute rubbish.

Some of my favorite episodes are bottle episodes because they are character driven. Miranda and Penny are forced to see a therapist, and from that we get a wonderful episode of them trying to act normal. These two are never normal, and it is the reason why I dearly love them. They may bicker with one another, but the similarities between the two of them are evident. What makes this episode even more special is the finale of Miranda. The therapist is in the finale with her friends and family, but Miranda has finally been able to find her own voice. The finale has brought this episode so much closer to my heart.


1. “The Dinner Party” (Series 3, Episode 3)

 Lord. We thank you for the music. The songs we are singing. We thank you for your bread of heaven. Bread of heaven, feed me til I want no more. Feed me til I want no more. So much. Thank you very much. To you, God. Please. Amen.

Miranda tries to prove she is now sophisticated in her adult relationship with Mike, but her plans slowly crumble during her adult dinner party. Miranda gives this big speech about who she is. She is someone who loves things that some would call childish, but it is what makes her happy. The most beautiful part of this episode is her friends accept her for who she is. They will have her back because she brings happiness to their lives. I had a difficult time with the love triangle between Miranda, Mike, and Gary because I genuinely love Mike. Mike loves Miranda for her quirky self. He doesn’t want to change her. He is this wonderful guy, and it was so hard to see him go in the end of the series.


I will dearly miss Miranda because after all who wouldn’t want this wonderful series in their life?


Because it will always remind you to have fun.


Warning: This post contains spoilers to ABC’s Galavant Episode 1.01, “Pilot” and Episode 1.02, “Joust Friends.”


The strongest advantage for Galavant last night was airing back to back episodes. Pilots, are tricksters because they are episodes that have to introduce the world the characters are in. Comedies get the short end of the stick because they only have around twenty-some minutes to get the audience acquainted with the show.

Last night, I found the pilot to be alright. However, I did find it more enjoyable during the second viewing. One of the biggest problems I had last night was having to suffer through many commercials that went along with the Galavant theme. I get what ABC was trying to do, but didn’t someone mention this may start to annoy some audience members with the non-stop singing promos. How many singing promos does someone need to watch of The Bachelor? In a perfect world the answer is none. The show itself has a nice flow to it, and it will be fun binge watching it later.

The second episode was better at holding my attention plot wise. It already had my interest with the cast, but there was so much introduction in the pilot that I only started to really care about the plot in the second episode. In this episode King Richard learns he needs to man up. He is definitely a man-child, but luckily he has Gareth to teach how to be more of a man.

King Richard’s and Gareth’s relationship is one of my biggest interests. They do seem to have a good bond, and Gareth does seem to be loyal to Richard. Timothy Omundson and Vinnie Jones have done a good job with their parts, and their interaction with one another makes it seem they have the most stable relationship on the show. I want to see and know more about these two. How did Gareth become Richard’s confidant?

Richard takes the lessons to heart and has dinner with his wife, Madalena. The dinner was enjoyable to watch, and it makes me wonder when I started to root for Richard to win his queen? It has to be Omundson’s charm.


Meanwhile the three travelers, Sid, Galavant, and Princess Isabella enter a joust in order to win some money. Sid is this lovable guy who is wanting adventure. Galavant has parallels with Flynn Rider when it comes the smolder department. The second episode shows how delusional he is with Madalena, but the episode also plays on his insecurities of being able to be a hero again. The audience is not given a hero, but someone who needs a reality check.


Finally, there is Isabella who is the one who makes sure things get done. Isabella is quickly becoming my favorite. We get to see her train Galavant in probably one of my favorite training montages ever. I like that they have not made Isabella into a woman in distress, but one who is trying to save her family.


She then makes sure Galavant is able to win by feeding Jean Hamm absinthe. This leads to a wonderful joust.

Galavant wins by being the first one back on his feet, leading Sid to getting a chicken while Galavant and Isabella share a moment.

The songs and the second episode are my favorite right now with “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” being an epic and accurate love song.