Favorites of 2013: TV Ships and Friendships

This is the big one–the one with our favorite TV ships and friendships/partnerships/bromances/what-have-you of 2013.


Oliver Queen / Felicity Smoak



Felicity: You killed again, and I am the one who put you into the position where you had to make that kind of choice.
Oliver: He had you, and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.

All three of us are big fans of Oliver and Felicity. They complement each other really well, they have great chemistry, and they deeply care for each other. And they’re just so pretty together. —Kerry

Danny Castellano / Mindy Lahiri

{The Mindy Project}


Mindy: “You should get the Philadelphia roll. Danny says it’s amazing, it’s his favorite.”

Mindy: “Haven’t you ever had to do something because of work?”
Jason: “Yeah, sure, I just went to my boss’s kid’s graduation, but that doesn’t mean I’ve memorized her favorite sushi order.”

These two snuck up on me. I love their bickering, their friendship, and the way that they seem to be in love with each other without even realizing it. —Kerry

Monroe / Rosalee Calvert



Monroe and Rosalee’s romance could have seemed shoe-horned into the main narrative, and the differences in their upbringings could be overlooked, but the evolution of their relationship was natural, and they are confronting their contradictory natures in a way that’s both realistic and believable. —Moff

April Ludgate / Andy Dwyer

{Parks and Recreation}


“I’m going to tell you a secret about everyone else’s job: No one knows what they’re doing. Deep down, everyone is just faking it until they figure it out. And you will, too, because you are awesome and everyone else sucks.”

This is probably the relationship most would have believed would fail, but it hasn’t. The love and support they show each other is unique and genuine. —Becca

Barney Stinson / Robin Scherbatsky

{How I Met Your Mother}


Barney: “Our wedding is gonna be legendary.”
Robin: “No ‘wait for it?'”
Barney: “I’ve got you, I don’t have to wait for it anymore.”

Who knew they’d make it all the way to the neverending wedding weekend? The writing isn’t doing them any favors (they keep having to spin their wheels as the writers try to fill the entire season with pointless shenanigans) but they’re still growing into a supportive, if unconventional, couple. —Kerry

Jemma Simmons / Grant Ward

{Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.}


F.Z.Z.T. is the episode I started shipping these two together. It is also the episode I finally started to like Ward. The scene where Ward mocks himself and Jemma corrects him sealed it for me. Plus: height difference. —Becca

Kensi Blye / Marty Deeks



Deeks: “I’ve never had a girl give me her knife before. Does that mean we’re official?”
Kensi: “You know sometimes a knife is just a knife.”

Ah, one of the great ‘will they, won’t they’ partnerships of the police procedural world. As much as I continue to hold out hope Eric Christian Olsen will one day return to Greendale, I can’t put into words how pleased I am Kensi and Deeks have finally taken the logical next step. —Moff

Joan Watson / Marcus Bell



Bell [to Sherlock]: “Where’s your better half?”

Bell and Joan have always had a unique chemistry; Bell initially liked Joan better than he liked Sherlock, and Joan always had a deep respect for Bell’s talents as an investigator. This season, there was a one-off line where Bell complimented Joan in her bulletproof vest, and suddenly, it felt like there was something there. It’s never overt: even when Joan brings him meals after his injury, it’s played as Joan just being a nice person. I won’t be mad if they never date, but I think they’d be great together. —Kerry

Ryan King / Carrie

{Go On}


Ryan: “I know we work together, and that’s weird. I don’t know what I want. I just- I just want it to still be a possibility between us.”
Carrie: “You’re right, it’s complicated. We work together… I quit. Ball’s in your court.”

The show got canceled, but before it ended Carrie kissed Ryan and told him the ball was in his court. I would like to believe this May/December romance actually worked out. —Becca

Ben Wyatt / Leslie Knope

{Parks and Recreation}


“Your heart is in the right place. Your heart and your butt.”

They’re married! They’re still amazing together! And sometimes I go back and watch the early seasons, where Mark Brendanowicz calls Leslie a dork and treats her enthusiasm like it’s an annoying little quirk, and I get really, really, insanely happy that Leslie found someone who loves that about her. —Kerry

Rumplestiltskin / Belle

{Once Upon a Time}


“You were the only one who could ever see past it… past the mask of the monster.”

While the Charmings have already had their somewhat happy ending, it feels like Rumplestiltskin and Belle will never get theirs. The pairing is beautiful, but it is hard for them to catch a break (especially after the winter finale). —Becca

Harvey Specter / Donna Paulsen


Harvey: “You and Stephen, it bothers me. I know it’s not fair, but it does.”
Donna: “Good.”

I just want them to be together and happy. Is that too much to ask? —Kerry


Shawn Spencer & Burton Guster



Shawn: “I think we should call the police and let the chips fall where they may.”
Gus: “You’re talking like a real white guy right now, Shawn. Brothers don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I will not rot in a cell. You said we were in this together!”
Shawn: “C’mon, man. You know I’m gonna bake you a cake with a gun in it.”

Their friendship has only gotten better over this past year. Gus supported Shawn during his breakup with Jules, and Shawn learned to share Gus when Gus started a serious relationship with a woman. —Kerry

Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson {Elementary}


Joan: “You named a bee after me?”

Best partnership on TV. But, you know… besides all the other partnerships we have listed here. —Kerry

Team Arrow (Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak)



Felicity: “What are you doing?”
Diggle: “Calling 911.”
Felicity: “Digg, wait!”
Diggle: “We can’t wait!”
Felicity: “How are we supposed to explain this? Everyone’s gonna find out Oliver is the vigilante!”
Diggle: “It won’t matter if he’s dead! Felicity, we can’t save him!”
Felicity: “I know! You’re right. We can’t.”

They all have their own special friendships with each other, and they work well as a team. It will be interesting to see how dynamics might change when/if someone else fully joins the team. —Becca

Ichabod Crane & Abbie Mills

{Sleepy Hollow}


The friendship has grown so quickly in just a few episodes. It is a strong friendship, and their camaraderie is enjoyable. —Becca

Sarah Manning & Felix Dawkins

{Orphan Black}


Felix: Sarah.
Sarah: What?
Felix: Um, just don’t die… ’cause your first funeral was just agonizing enough.

Felix has endured a lot (Sarah’s threatening ex-boyfriend, obstruction of justice, countless police interrogations, and oh yeah, all of that clone stuff) and he’s still deeply loyal to Sarah. That’s what family is for, right? —Kerry

Samantha Shaw & Root

{Person of Interest}


While former government agent Shaw hesitates to give anarchist hacker Root too much free reign, the morally dubious Root’s willingness to take immediate action appeals to the trigger-happy Shaw. —Moff

George Altman & Noah Werner



The news of Alan Tudyk no longer being a regular on Suburgatory depressed me. I found George’s and Noah’s friendship was one of my main highlights for the show. In some ways, they don’t appear to have a lot in common, but the time they spent on screen together were some of the best moments of the show. —Becca

Ron Swanson & Leslie Knope

{Parks and Recreation}


Ron: “You are a wonderful person. Your friendship means a lot to me. And you look very beautiful.”
Leslie: “Okay, weirdo. Let’s go.”

He walked her down the aisle. Twice. He also punched out a jackass at her wedding. Leslie, in turn, organized a beautiful wedding present for Ron: an intricate trip up to the Lagavulin distillery in Scotland. It moved Ron to tears. —Kerry

Lance Sweets & Seeley Booth



Dr. Lance Sweets and Agent Seeley Booth have grown from bickering antagonists to friends and coworkers who trust each other’s instincts. —Moff

Ryan King & Steven

{Go On}


Ryan had his support group, but he also has his best friend, Steven. Steven was still the one who understood who Ryan was, and wanted to be there for him. In my head, they are still the best of friends and double date together (Ryan with Carrie and Steven with Lauren). —Becca

Quentin Lance & Felicity Smoak



Oliver: “Felicity…”
Felicity: “Already on it.”
Lance [amazed]: “How the hell can she do that?”

Felicity and (former) Det. Lance have had only a few instances where they’ve worked together, but I think future episodes will reveal their values are more in line than they currently realize. —Moff


Favorites of 2013: TV Comedies

Happy Holidays, all! Moff, Becca, and I are taking the week off to spend time with our families, but in the meantime, we have our Favorites of 2013 lined up for the entire week! Today’s post covers comedies, of the sitcom and dramedy variety. Without further ado, let’s kick off our week of Favorites of 2013!

The Mindy Project

{FOX, Tuesdays at 9:30}


Danny Castellano: “The Massachusetts public school system has really let you down.”
Mindy Lahiri: “I’m sorry? I’m a good looking doctor! I think it did fine!”

It took us (meaning Moff and I… Becca is more of a casual fan) a while to come around to this show, but it’s one of our favorites. We love the characters, the writing, and the romantic tension between Mindy and Danny, but mostly we love that Mindy is unapologetic about who she is and what she likes. We should all be a little more like her. —Kerry


{USA Network, Wednesdays at 10}


Shawn Spencer: “I’m good at what I do and what I do is good… Isn’t it?”

Lassiter got married, Vick quit her job as Chief of the SBPD, and Juliet finally found out Shawn’s big secret, effectively ending their relationship and threatening to ruin Shawn and Gus’s careers as psychic detectives. Somehow the show was still firing on all cylinders, delivering hilarious one-liners among homage episodes (Sliding DoorsClue) while still dealing with the fallout from Shawn’s big lie. There was also a two-hour musical that aired last Sunday! —Kerry

Parks and Recreation

{NBC, Thursdays at 8}


Leslie Knope: “This is like a waking nightmare of happiness!”

Even though Leslie’s dealing with her recall as a City Council member and the impending departure of the beautiful land mermaid Ann Perkins, Parks and Rec remains the only bright spot on a Community-less NBC Thursday schedule. This year brought about big changes to Pawnee, like Ron getting married and becoming a father-to-be, Tom selling his company for a profit and dating a beautiful doctor, and Andy living in London as he works for a non-profit, and yet somehow, even dealing with Leslie’s disappointments, it still feels like the same old show we’ve always known and loved. —Kerry

The IT Crowd

{Channel 4, UK}


Hilarity is always found when lives are turned upside down. Roy and Jen find out what is like to have the whole internet against them, and Moss discovers confidence in wearing women’s slacks. This special was beautiful, and makes you want to watch the complete series over again. —Becca

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

{FOX, Tuesdays at 8:30}


Jake Peralta: “Hey there, criminal! It’s me, Johnny Law!”

This is my favorite new comedy of the Fall 2013 season, thanks in large part to Andre Braugher. Nearly everyone in this cast brings a fresh perspective to characters that could’ve easily been flat tropes, and the emerging relationships are fun to watch. I’m also a sucker for a well-written cop comedy. What can I say? I’m easy. —Kerry

The Crazy Ones

{CBS, Thursdays at 9}


Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar probably have my favorite father-daughter relationship on TV right now. The cast altogether has great chemistry, and I hope the show continues to succeed. —Becca

Trophy Wife

{ABC, Tuesdays at 9:30}


Bert Harrison: “Oh, my stars!”

The title of the show is meant to turn the trope on its head, since Kate is not your typical trophy wife, but the show actually thrives on the relationship between the family members. There is not a weak link on this show, not even the child actors (who occasionally steal scenes from the veteran actors!) —Kerry

Back in the Game

{ABC, Wednesdays at 8}


Terry: “I am coaching because nobody wanted these kids… and I know how that feels. People are going to call you weird, and creepy, and foreign, and ga–feminine.”
Cannon: “Hey, don’t forget fat. That kid laying there, that kid is fat!”

I was sad when this show got canceled, because I’m a fan of Maggie Lawson and I wanted her to be successful in her first post-Psych adventure. She was fantastic on this show, as was James Caan and Lenora Crichlow, but this show suffered from a rather dull premise and a lack of a compelling romantic relationship. The characters really came into their own (even the kids, especially Danny, Dudley, and Michael) and it’s a shame this show didn’t get better ratings. (I was not-so-secretly holding out hope that the show would at least last long enough to meet Terry’s deadbeat ex-husband, because I wanted him to be played by James Roday.) —Kerry


{ABC, Wednesdays at 8:30}


Alan Tudyk will always be a favorite actor of mine, so it’s no coincidence his character, Noah Werner, is my favorite character. This show has many other things going for it, between Tessa’s teenage life and George’s adult life. The father and daughter combo always leads to great episodes. —Becca

Later today… Favorites of 2013: Movie Comedies