Favorites of 2013: Supporting Movie Characters

Never fear, we will get to our favorite leading ladies and gents tomorrow, but this post is all about the great supporting characters from this year, as well as the characters who didn’t get much screentime.


{Idris Elba, Thor: The Dark World}


Heimdall was criminally underused in the first Thor movie, so I was happy to see his role expanded in the sequel. He took down a spaceship! How do you top that? —Kerry

Trevor Slattery / The Mandarin

{Ben Kingsley, Iron Man 3}


He was brilliant in this film. I love this man. —Becca


{Clark Gregg, Much Ado About Nothing}


The man already recieved my love by playing Coulson; my love grew even more with the emotion he put into his role as Leonato. —Becca

Alma Dray

{Mélanie Laurent, Now You See Me}


I love the fact that she believed throughout the entire film, no matter what. She was a good investigator with good instincts, but at the end of the day, she believed in the power of a good magic show. —Kerry

Kili and Fili

{Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey}


Half the reason these two are my favorite dwarves is because Kili is played by Aidan Turner of the UK’s Being Human, but they are a matched set. The other half is they remind me of my brother and his friends when they were younger and full of slightly less good ideas. —Moff


{Ewan McGregor, Jack the Giant Slayer}


Ewan McGregor could’ve easily slipped into camp, making the princess’s bodyguard seem like a Monty Python character, but he played Elmont with the loyalty and honor of a true medieval knight. He recognized Jack’s worth, he stayed behind to retrieve the crown, and he didn’t hesitate to protect the castle as soon as he fell down from the beanstalk. The fact that he took his job seriously, and that his humorous moments were not at the expense of the situation, made Elmont a more likeable character than he might have been otherwise. I’ll even go as far as saying that he elevated the entire movie. —Kerry


{Jaimie Alexander, Thor: The Dark World}


Always choose to stay on Asgard with your kickass and beautiful warrior friend. Don’t go to Earth. What were you thinking, Thor? Sif is judging you. —Kerry


{Zachary Levi, Thor: The Dark World}


The Warriors Three and Lady Sif did not get a lot of screen time in this film compared to the first, and I greatly missed them. Fandral is the only character on my list of Characters Who Did Not Get Enough Screentime. (This is partly because I like to see Zach Levi on any screen.) —Becca


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