Favorites of 2013: TV Episodes

This is my favorite category of the series, because it’s really hard to make a perfect episode of television. Here are our choices of favorites for 2013.

“The Dinner Party”

{Miranda, Season 3 Episode 3}


“Excuse me, my function is not dysfamily, we are not fisdunctional!”

This is one of Miranda’s best episodes. Miranda is trying to be more grown up until the party is completely ruined. Her speech about being tired of trying to be an adult, and how the world would be better if everyone found it enjoyable like a child, was awesome. —Becca


{Elementary, Season 1 Episode 16}


Marcus: “We fought yesterday. You were shot in the back. No way you saw who did it, no way you could’ve known for sure it wasn’t me.”
Andre: “But I did know. I know you. You gotta look out for family, even when they disappoint you.”

An episode about details was perfect for Marcus Bell to shine. It was also a great episode to see the relationship between Sherlock and Joan strengthen, but the best part was seeing Joan figure out a missing piece of the case before Sherlock. —Kerry

“Music Festival”

{The Mindy Project, Season 2 Episode 3}


Danny: “Okay, do I think DJing is dumb? Yeah.”
Mindy: “I know, I think it’s dumb too.”
Danny: “Yeah, but… you gotta go. He’s your fiance, it’s his dream.”

What happens when you set a bottle episode in some place other than a single room? You get the definition of situational comedy, now with added hipsters. —Moff

“Are You Receiving?”

{Almost Human, Season 1 Episode 3}


The only downfall of this episode is that it’s not set at Christmas, as otherwise it’s a well-written, well-structured and clever homage to Die Hard. —Moff

“Leslie and Ben”

{Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Episode 14}


“No time to do the Tim Gunn voice. Wait, what am I talking about? There’s always time.”

While April and Andy are my OTP of the show, Parks and Recreation knows how to do their weddings. After the first wedding was ruined, Leslie’s friends banded together to create the perfect wedding in the Parks department. —Becca

“Keep Your Enemies Close”

{Arrow, Season 2 Episode 6}


“What happens in Russia stays in Russia. Even when it makes no sense whatsoever.”

The easy way out would be saying all of the Arrow episodes are fantastic, and they are in their own way. This one stands out to me because of Team Arrow. More importantly, Diggle has to face Deadshot while rescuing his ex-wife, Lyla, from a Russian prison. —Becca

“Deez Nups”

{Psych, Season 7 Episode 7}


“Protect her with your life! That is not hyperbole!”

This episode was full of surprises, none bigger than the one at the end: Juliet finds out Shawn’s big secret. I loved this episode from start to finish, from Lassie admitting to not having many friends to Gus’ dancing at the reception. Marlowe was stunning in pink. —Kerry

“Lady Killer”

{Person of Interest, Season 3 Episode 3}


For a show that’s so often underused its female characters (aside from Amy Acker’s Root), this was both an interesting case-of-the-week and a chance for Sarah Shahi, Taraji P. Henson and Paige Turco to shine. —Moff

“Quite a Common Fairy”

{Once Upon a Time, Season 3 Episode 3}


“Pick hope over anger. Choose love and help me get my son back.”

By far, the back story of Tinker Bell and the Evil Queen was the most compelling and best written of the Neverland arc. —Moff

“100 Clues”

{Psych, Season 7 Episode 5}


Shawn: “He is planning on taking us out, one by one by one by one by one by one by one!”
Juliet: “So he’s gonna kill four more people?”
Shawn: “No! He’s gonna kill five more people. Two plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one is seven.”

For Psych’s 100th episode they did an homage to the movie Clue. I only wish I could’ve seen the Chocolate Room. —Becca

“Three Ghosts”

{Arrow, Season 2 Episode 9}


Oliver: “I’ll come back.”
Felicity: “Promise me?”

I can’t give too much away–Becca and Moff haven’t seen this one yet. Let’s just say that on top of some great character and relationship moments, we got bonus Barry Allen, bonus-bonus HalluciSlade Wilson, and extra-special-double-bonus *cameo appearance by spoiler alert*. I’ve said too much already. —Kerry


{Elementary, Season 1 Episode 24}


“You know, she solved you. The mascot. Watson.  … You said there was only one person in the world who could surprise you. Turns out, there’s two.”

Natalie Dormer was wonderful as Moriarty, and the only thing that beat it was Joan Watson figuring out Moriarty and her weaknesses. —Becca

“Two Parties”

{Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Episode 10}


“Anything that can be penis-shaped, will be penis-shaped!”

Ben and Leslie’s Bachelor/Bachelorette parties don’t go according to plan. Leslie’s gets derailed by Councilman Jamm and his plans to build a Paunch Burger in the lot behind Ann’s house. Ben’s lame party turns into a group bachelor party once the guys realize that though all of them except Chris have been married, none of them have had a bachelor party of their own. The men’s all-night party turns out to be really sweet. —Kerry

“You’ve Got Sext”

{The Mindy Project, Season 2 Episode 8}

Mindy: “You do not make pancakes for someone who is ‘just a hookup.’ I’ve been told that by like ten different guys!”
Danny: “Okay, I’m Italian, I like to cook!”

The reluctant roommates trope was made even better by Mindy not realizing how uncomfortable she made Danny. I love that he spent the whole episode thinking she had some kind of crush on him, only to find out she’s actually into Cliff. I also love that Morgan and Peter were creepily sexting Cliff from Mindy’s phone, because why not? —Kerry


One thought on “Favorites of 2013: TV Episodes

  1. I loved that Arrow episode too! The show has a lot of fun quotes. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all your favorite shows.


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