Girl Meets World: Who Are You

***WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Girl Meets World episode, 2.12 “Girl Meets Yearbook.”***

Last week’s episode of Girl Meets World dealt with identity. Each of the younger characters were typecast in a role in their yearbooks. This led them to change personalities during the episode minus Lucas who was trying to get his friends to revert back to their former selves.

Farkle is the first to change. He doesn’t want to be known as just Farkle. He wants to be a regular guy. Over the series, Farkle is one who has questioned who he is the most. He has had more than one identity crisis. First with someone making fun of his turtle necks. Then this year he chooses Team Maya when the class gets detention. One reason being because he has a crush on Maya, but the main reason is he is not comfortable with being in a Farkle labeled box. He is still trying to find himself. He is the one who wins the MVP for this episode.

One of the best scenes was between Lucas and Farkle at the table talking to each other. Lucas wants the Farkle he knows back, but Farkle acknowledges while he still wants to take over the world he is changing. Earlier, Farkle hints at Lucas should know about people changing, but Lucas doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that Farkle is referring to himself having already changed.

The group has only known one Lucas. The one who is alright with everything, but this season has shown Lucas wasn’t always like this. Farkle has observed and made note of the references about the Lucas pre-NYC. The show has given hints Lucas wasn’t always the outstanding guy he is now. He’s changed, and this group of friends has helped make maintain who is now. He maintained his cool when the bully was picking on his best friend, Zay. The closest slip up he had was when he went with Maya’s team during detention. It makes me wonder if one of the reasons why Lucas wants his friends to go back to normal is because he wishes to still be grounded by them.

The part of the show I didn’t enjoy as much was the girls. It appeared the writers were using the girls to push an agenda, and they self-contradicted themselves. The show wants to put Shawn and Katy together, and tried to prove it by Katy not being able to impersonate Shawn because she cares about him.

I would not have taken objection to this scene as much, if Katy warned Maya about this when Maya tries to impersonate Riley. Maya’s friendship with Riley is stronger than whatever Katy feels for Shawn. This leaves me with the question do we take Maya’s observations about Riley with a grain of salt? Maya is extremely close to Riley so it is very possible she may not see straight with Riley. If the writers wanted us to believe both Hart women, then they should have found a better way to express what they wanted without the self-contradiction.


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