Favorites of 2013: TV Dramas

Merry Christmas Eve, to all those who celebrate! To everyone else, Happy Tuesday! Today is all about the drama, so here are our favorite TV Dramas of 2013.


{The CW, Wednesdays at 8}


“After he found out my secret, do you know what Tommy called me? ‘A murderer.’ He was right. My best friend died thinking that I was a murderer, and anyone that I kill dishonors his memory.”

Arrow doesn’t rest on its CW laurels (ha! see what I did there?) by turning in over-dramatic and under-written episodes. After a heartbreaking and thrilling season 1 finale, it’s gotten even better with each progressive week, to the point that it’s even outpacing Agents of SHIELD, which has the backing of a major network and a blockbuster franchise! This year ended with a major reveal, which makes the second half of the season look even more promising than the first. We can’t wait! —Kerry

Sleepy Hollow

{FOX, Mondays at 9}


This show is a mixture of drama, creepiness, and sassiness all mixed into one. Each passing episode seems to be a competition to see which element they can maximize the most. —Becca


{CBS, Thursdays at 10}


“What does it cost us to tread lightly around the people that we work with? I’ll tell you: attention and effort. Which I am not willing to spare.”

I enjoy each new episode more than the last, mostly because the partnership between Sherlock and Joan is unique. This show also takes daring twists, such as making Irene Adler into Moriarty, and we’ve also gotten to explore Sherlock’s complicated relationship with his brother, Mycroft. —Kerry

Person of Interest

{CBS, Tuesdays at 10}


“Does survivor’s guilt pass when everything that has happened actually is, in fact, your fault?”

Person of Interest has managed the awkward transition from a crime procedural to a psuedo-scifi examination of privacy and technology. —Moff


{FX, Tuesdays at 10}


Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder are always enjoyable to watch whether they are partners or enemies. The supporting actors are just as great, and Patton Oswalt’s guest stint was amazing. —Becca


{NBC, Fridays at 9}


“It’s getting too weird even for Portland.”

Grimm has finally settled into its mythology after three years, and is telling a pretty compelling story about what happens when power, authority and independence intersect without ever losing sight of making its characters funny, relatable and compelling. —Moff

Later today… Favorites of 2013: Movie Dramas


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