Saturday’s Highlights of Comic Con

WARNING: This post does contain spoilers for upcoming TV seasons and movies. 


One of the most beautiful things about SDCC is that it is so big. It is so big that I generally spend a month watching panels and interviews, but I still will not have watched everything it had to offer. So here’s a few of the best parts that happened Saturday.


The Walking Dead panel at Nerd HQ:


As much as I love the actual panels at Comic Con, I generally love the panels at Nerd HQ more. It is in a more relaxed setting, and the actors and fans have a great time. Of course Nerd HQ wouldn’t even exist without Comic Con so I am grateful for both.


Once Upon a Time Panel:


While I am leery about parts of the show, I still love the majority of the actors. It is always great to see them, and Yvette Nicole Brown hosted the panel. I love that she is a huge lover of the show, and she has such a big heart.


The Marvel movie panel:

I will say the announcement of Evangeline Lilly made the Ant Man movie more exciting for me.



We know you for more than the Hulk here.

I think we would all pay money to see this.



And just when I think there will not be anymore characters appearing in Ultron, they announce another player. This movie is going to be packed with characters we love or will love soon enough.


WB DC TV Panel:

This was kind of amazing. To see all the major character of four different shows on stage. I don’t think I have ever seen that many people on the stage. What made it even more golden was Stephen Amell hosting the panel. DC knows how to do their TV.





The Women’s Panel at Nerd HQ:



All these ladies are amazing and I love them.



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