The Best of Friday’s Comic Con: Part 1


Friday I spent most of the day in my bed with my face glued to my laptop. So much happened yesterday with my favorite TV shows, and I still haven’t caught up on it all. So here are some favorite highlights from yesterday.

The Walking Dead:

The cast has quickly become one of my favorites and it was a joy to see them at SDCC.


The season five trailer was amazing, and my favorite part was seeing Beth alive with her own story line. Beth has played mostly a background character, and it is good to finally see her in the foreground.


Agent Carter:

While they still haven’t started filming the series yet I was extremely excited to hear more about this show and see Hayley Atwell.

I am super excited that the Russo brothers are continuing to participate in the Marvel universe. I miss them on Community, but I enjoy seeing the success they have been able to achieve.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Any time you have Clark Gregg on a panel it will be beautiful.

Nothing is better than Clark Gregg’s face of excitement


We also got a cameo from Patton Oswalt in video form.


Although Marvel is not terribly fond of spoilers we did get some of the names of the guests who are appearing. I’m excited Reed Diamond is playing the main baddie. It is always a thrill to see a member of the Whedonverse show up.





I thought The Walking Dead trailer had already brought me over the edge, but I was wrong. The Arrow trailer gave me the same amount of emotions.


Diggle commentary will always be gold. It needs to be put in a frame and hung a wall.


I really enjoy that these two shows are going to be so interwoven, and yet will be able to remain two different shows.


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