Warning: This post contains spoilers to ABC’s Galavant Episode 1.01, “Pilot” and Episode 1.02, “Joust Friends.”


The strongest advantage for Galavant last night was airing back to back episodes. Pilots, are tricksters because they are episodes that have to introduce the world the characters are in. Comedies get the short end of the stick because they only have around twenty-some minutes to get the audience acquainted with the show.

Last night, I found the pilot to be alright. However, I did find it more enjoyable during the second viewing. One of the biggest problems I had last night was having to suffer through many commercials that went along with the Galavant theme. I get what ABC was trying to do, but didn’t someone mention this may start to annoy some audience members with the non-stop singing promos. How many singing promos does someone need to watch of The Bachelor? In a perfect world the answer is none. The show itself has a nice flow to it, and it will be fun binge watching it later.

The second episode was better at holding my attention plot wise. It already had my interest with the cast, but there was so much introduction in the pilot that I only started to really care about the plot in the second episode. In this episode King Richard learns he needs to man up. He is definitely a man-child, but luckily he has Gareth to teach how to be more of a man.

King Richard’s and Gareth’s relationship is one of my biggest interests. They do seem to have a good bond, and Gareth does seem to be loyal to Richard. Timothy Omundson and Vinnie Jones have done a good job with their parts, and their interaction with one another makes it seem they have the most stable relationship on the show. I want to see and know more about these two. How did Gareth become Richard’s confidant?

Richard takes the lessons to heart and has dinner with his wife, Madalena. The dinner was enjoyable to watch, and it makes me wonder when I started to root for Richard to win his queen? It has to be Omundson’s charm.


Meanwhile the three travelers, Sid, Galavant, and Princess Isabella enter a joust in order to win some money. Sid is this lovable guy who is wanting adventure. Galavant has parallels with Flynn Rider when it comes the smolder department. The second episode shows how delusional he is with Madalena, but the episode also plays on his insecurities of being able to be a hero again. The audience is not given a hero, but someone who needs a reality check.


Finally, there is Isabella who is the one who makes sure things get done. Isabella is quickly becoming my favorite. We get to see her train Galavant in probably one of my favorite training montages ever. I like that they have not made Isabella into a woman in distress, but one who is trying to save her family.


She then makes sure Galavant is able to win by feeding Jean Hamm absinthe. This leads to a wonderful joust.

Galavant wins by being the first one back on his feet, leading Sid to getting a chicken while Galavant and Isabella share a moment.

The songs and the second episode are my favorite right now with “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” being an epic and accurate love song.



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