“With Questions Everywhere”

Galavant ended last week, and I’m still going through the five stages of grief with the season ending. I could always rely on the show to make me laugh, and I probably laughed the hardest when Galavant and King Richard got drunk together. I hope Galavant does get renewed if only to give us a Galavant and King Richard buddy show. Both of them are egotistical, but it is hard not to love the two of them.


One of the first things we learned from this series is nothing ever goes right for Galavant. He doesn’t get his moment without it being spoiled, but this is what makes the show great. Seeing the mishaps that follow Galavant made the show enjoyable. From Galavant not being able to move after training so hard trying to get back into shape to ending up on a boat with King Richard at the end of the season. Galavant went on a hero’s journey to defeat Richard, but ended up being his new companion. Galavant may not enjoy his new situation, but I greatly enjoy it especially if Hugh Bonneville is one of the pirates.


It would be interesting to see Richard in a new setting. At the beginning of the series, Richard appeared to be this evil man who would let his henchman do all his dirty work. However, before the first night was over the audience learned he was rather a pansy. He became one of the most loved characters on the show who Lassiter from Psych would find a disgrace to humanity. It is one of the reasons why I love Timothy Omundson. He is capable of making an adolescent king enjoyable like he did with a gun loving, straight-laced detective.


One thing which made his character even more enjoyable was Richard’s friendship with Gareth. The two had the best relationship on the show. So many kudos need to be given to Timothy Omundson and Vinnie Jones for what they did in this series. The two characters were opposites in almost every way, but while Gareth may have been a man’s man he never forsook his king and friend for long. Gareth took made an oath when he was a child to protect Richard, and he kept it. He may not have always been a fan of Richard being a wuss, but Richard was his friend. He was loyal to him, and continued to protect his friend until the very end. He knew Richard needed to leave, and Galavant would be able to protect him.


However, one of the things that didn’t set well with the finale was Madalena having Gareth join her to rule the kingdom. It will be interesting to see that dynamic, if there is a second season. What I don’t understand is why Madalena had him join her. He could have been her henchman. Madalena already discovered in order to get what she wanted all she needed was herself. In order to get rid of her husband, Richard, she sent for his brother, Kingsly, to take the kingdom with her at his side. She then stabbed Kingsly in the finale, and took over the kingdom. Madalena knows what she wants and she goes after it. It is the reason why I question why is Gareth ruling right beside her?


The finale also showed Princess Isabella being placed in a guarded room alone by her cousin. If Galavant does get a season two, I hope it does not show Isabella waiting for Galavant to save her. The series taught us early on Isabella is not a damsel in distress when she trained Galavant for the joust. I hope Isabella will not take being locked in a room lying down. She is more than capable of handling herself.



It would be great if she is able to escape and set off on her own journey to save Sid from Gareth. Imagine if part of season two was Galavant off to find her, while she is off to save Sid and find Galavant. They could miss each other by minutes a couple of times before being reunited, or completely disregard the used plot line and find each other immediately. Whatever happens someone please save Sid. The show was quite enjoyable when it had the three of them on their hero’s journey.


Finally, there’s Vincenzo, the chef, who was a breakout star. I was not expecting his role to big as big as it was, but he was a delight to watch. I hope Vicenzo does get a happy ending whether it is with homicidal Gwynne or someone else.


Here’s hoping Galavant does get a season two. It was a bright spot for cold winter nights, and it would be even brighter if the Lord Grantham and Daisy are able to be in a scene together. Of course it would also be amazing if we got to see Giles Anthony Head again as well.




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