We are three people who watch a (possibly unhealthy amount and) variety of TV shows and movies – sometimes together, sometimes on our own – and who like to dissect what we watch for quality of writing, plotting, pacing, acting, directing, staging and so on.

We are not experts in this field, but we figured years of observation probably helps. Besides, we’re doing this for fun. (Mostly. A teeny tiny part is our collective desire to offer a different take on some of the popular shows and movies our friends either wind up hating or obsessively loving. But it’s a teeny part; honestly, we have to keep it on a leash or we lose track of it.)

We’re still working out the kinks as we adjust to a new blogging platform and finalize our rota for posting, so bear with us as we get going. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or questions, we’ll be happy to hear them, but, please, keep it civil. We have fire extinguishers, and we’re not afraid to use them.

Finally, a word about our blog’s name. Lots of folks have heard the old chestnut used as an excuse when a fella’s caught with a particular girly mag: I read it for the articles. (I don’t think I need to say the name of the magazine, but it rhymes with bok choy.) Well, ‘we watch for the plot’ may have originated from those same fellas when caught watching a particular beach-centric melodrama, but we’re using it unironically. Don’t get us wrong: We certainly don’t mind a man in a well-cut suit, but for us, that’s gravy on the side. And here’s why:

  • We care about the characters.
  • We care about the writing.
  • We care about consistency, both long term and from shot to shot.
  • We care about the story.
  • We care the overall quality.

And we watch for the plot. No, really: We do.


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