5 Reasons Why You Should Own 101 Dalmatians

*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.*

101 Dalmatians was released on Blu-Ray/DVD today. I grew up with this movie, and my love for it has only grown. It was one of the few animated Disney films that didn’t include prince and princesses. It was a film where Pongo was the lead, and his human, Roger, was a background character. This movie is a classic, and needs to be in every Disney collection for multiple reasons.

5. The Barking Chain

Be honest. After watching 101 Dalmatians, you wonder if the barking chain really exists when several dogs start barking. You want them to have their own message system because it was essential to the movie. If the barking chain didn’t exist, the puppies may have never lived.



4. Cruella De Vil

Cruella wasn’t a witch. She was simple a woman who loved fur coats. Some of the most nastiest villains are humans. Cruella is at the top with villains because she chooses to skin puppy dogs for a new coat.


3. Heart

The multiple relationships shown in this movie is enough of a reason to watch it. Pongo and Perdita go the distance to find and save their children. They couples show healthy, loving relationships. Then there are the relationships the humans have with the dogs. They are more than just pets, they are family. You want the happiness for this family. Hearts will still sing for joy when Lucky is revealed to be alive and not dead after the hundredth rewatch.


2. Roger

Roger was one of my first loves. What sealed it for me was the scene he created his song about Cruella De Vil. There was something about his attitude I was attracted to at an early age. He may not be classically good looking by Disney standards, but the attitude they gave him all the more appealing.


1. The Puppies are Fandom

As the film goes on, you may come to discover you share many things in common with the puppies personality wise. I believe the younger generation of dogs would have been all over Tumblr if it had existed back then.



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