Project Tahiti

***Warning: This post contains spoilers for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 2.07, “The Writing on the Wall.”***

The majority of the episode dealt with the Tahiti Project and Coulson’s drawings. It turns out the other people who had been drawing the same things Coulson had been drawing were the first volunteers for the project. They had been agents who were going to die, and agreed to be test subjects. The results seemed to be great at first until they started drawing and slowly started to go insane. The doctor told Coulson they would be better if they got rid of the memories of the patients and gave them new ones. That is when they showed the creepy machine from last year. I never want to see a machine playing with someone’s brain again.

In the end, Coulson is back to normal (I hope), but only after he went crazy by locking Skye up and going after one of the patients to find the answer. He was able to get the answer. The answer being they are looking for a city. It does leave me questioning why craziness is now over. They still haven’t found the city, but the need to draw is now gone. I’m glad he finally told his team what he was doing over the past months.

Coulson’s main team is loyal, but I’m glad Mac started questioning Coulson. Someone should be asking the questions, even if I fully trust Coulson.

Mac played an interesting role in this episode. I got the feeling him and Jemma are not necessarily getting along. Part of it is because of Fitz. Mac seems very loyal to Fitz, and he is seen helping Fitz out by handing him a game controller.

Another interesting part is Mac picked up on what Fitz was saying about brains and files. I have a feeling Mac will try to get Fitz to explore a route in getting Fitz fully operational again.

Finally, there was the dealing with Grant Ward story line. I keep thinking they need to do a body count every time Grant Ward kills another person. I will say Brett Dalton has done his best work on the show when he is playing the bad guy. It is one of the reasons why I don’t want a redemption arc for Ward. However, dissing Mockingbird? Not cool. I still really want all the women to gang up on him and kick his butt for the misogynistic comments from last season.

It was great to see May, Triplett, Hunter, and Morse in a van together, and I really wished Triplett and May had rolled their eyes at each other while Morse and Hunter bickered again.


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