With Great Nerds Comes a Great Movie

***Warning: This contains spoilers to Disney’s Big Hero 6***

I am in love with Big Hero 6. To be honest, I probably fell in love with it during the Disney panel at New York Comic Con…at least I became deeply infatuated with it. The clips they showed with the cast and crew discussing the film had my nerdy heart needing to see this film, and the movie did not disappoint.

Everyone already knows a genius is more than capable of becoming a hero with the Iron Man franchise, but this film showed nerds who are more relatable becoming super heroes. Four out of the six heroes in this film are science students who each have there own quirks. Then there is Fred, the mascot who is a science enthusiast.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Disney or comic book story if there wasn’t some sort of tragedy. It can’t be just a simple tragedy. It has to make the audience become empathetic with what is happening to the characters on the screen. If the audience is only sympathetic, then it is not a great film. This film tore at the heart strings, but what was also beautiful was the science nerds rallying together. No one needs to suffer alone, and the lovable robot, Baymax, comprehended this. It was one of the many things which made him so lovable. He was made to be a healthcare robot.

Will this stabilize your pubescent mood swings?” – Baymax

However, Baymax became this character so easy to love because Tadashi created him, and it felt as if a piece of him was imparted in this robot. Baymax not only helped with the physical pain, but the emotional pain as well.

It is all right to cry, crying is a natural response to pain.”- Baymax

The story and characters were fantastic, and one of my favorite elements was how it embraced the comic book scenario. Fred is not just a science enthusiast but also a huge comic nerd. He is the one who points out it is like a comic book. He is all for this becoming the group’s origin story.

“A lunatic in a mask just tried to kill us.” – Go Go
“How cool is that? I mean, it’s scary, obviously, but how cool?” – Fred

The animation was amazing. It was awesome to see how the animators were able to combine both elements of San Francisco and Tokyo together fluidly. What made it even better was the feeling of stepping into a world that comic books hold. There were many times I felt like I was watching a comic book come to life on the big screen.

All I can say now is don’t always follow Fred’s own lifestyle choices especially when it comes to underpants, and even though you may be satisfied with your care it may still hurt afterwards.


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