Don’t Trust a Telenovela to Keep a Secret

***Warning: This post contains spoilers for CW’s Jane the Virgin Episode 1.05, “Chapter Five.”***


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the truth from secrets and lies always come out on a TV show. This week’s episode of Jane the Virgin seemed to evolve all around people not telling the truth, and past lies starting to come forward. Nothing less should be expected because this show is a parody of telenovelas. It is one of the reasons why I have fallen in love with it. What makes this show even greater is you come to care about the characters. I felt for Jane’s mother throughout the episode while she was suffering the consequences of having not told Jane the truth about Jane’s father.

One of the things that made it better was Rogelio trying to help mend the mother-daughter relationship. Yes, the man can be quite a shallow idiot at times, but it is clear he cares for Jane and sees how valuable Jane’s relationship is with Xiomara.

At the end of the episode Jane does return home because secrets never stay that way for long. Not only does Jane find out about Michael’s past criminal activities from Michael himself, but then she also stumbles across the information of Michael knowing Petra was having an affair with Zazo before Jane told him. This is what happens when you let your fiancée live with you, and leave your case files lying around. Especially when she has already looked at one of the files while she was in the car with you. Michael should have known better. If someone is acting like Veronica Mars, their inner detective does not turn off.

Meanwhile Petra’s scheme for staying married to Rafael has failed due to her own lies, but since this is a telenovela she and her mother have concocted another with portraying Rafael as abusing Petra. Petra’s mother is crafty, and I’m pretty certain she is able to get out of her wheelchair.

While all the lies happening there were some people who were able to tell the truth. Rogelio told Jane he would not have been the best father when he was younger, and Rafael told Jane he was divorcing Petra. Rafael has been pretty honest with Jane throughout this series so far. Of course he doesn’t tell her everything like him having sex dreams about her. Jane has definitely left the sister category in Rafael’s head, and Rose has figured it out.

My favorite part of the episode was seeing what was going through Rafael’s and Michael’s heads while they were talking to each other. I am a sucker for seeing internal thoughts on Tumblr (I get extremely giddy every time I see a new one of Oliver Queen’s internal thoughts of Felicity). It made my night seeing it actually happen on my TV screen and the internal thoughts did not disappoint. I hope the show will continue with this format.


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