“I’m Still Trying to Figure Out Where I Fit In”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 2.06,  A Fractured House.

You can generally rely on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be both heartbreaking and entertaining.

The biggest heartbreaking part of the episode dealt with Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. It seemed like Fitz was getting closer to saying good-bye to imaginary Jemma when the real one turned up. Fitz is finally finding his place in the group, and has made a new friend with Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie. However, it hurts not to see the two brainiacs together. Previous episodes gave hints a reunion between the duo would not be filled with hugs. This episode proved the hints to be true, and the pain in both their faces was devastating enough.

Fitz made it clear to Jemma he hated the fact she left him, and then lied to him about where she was going. He rightfully should be hurt, but I can also see why Jemma lied to him. She lied to everyone about where she was going with the exception of Phil Coulson and Melinda May because the less people who knew about her infiltrating Hydra the better. Jemma went because she felt like she could make a difference. She did not believe that staying by Fitz’s side would be for the best; Mack confirms this at the end of the episode.

The scene hits you right in the gut. I blame it on Elizabeth Henstridge’s tears. I don’t believe anyone is immune to them. While it hurts to see the favorite duo not on good terms, I do believe it is good for both of them. As I have said before, Fitz is like the child of the group. He always had Jemma with him. In quite a few ways Jemma was his crutch. However, Fitz has been growing up this season. Yes, his brain might have been damaged, but he is beginning to shine. Mack is helping him by being his friend and being by his side.


It is also good to see how Jemma is progressing this season, and how her role is also expanding. Her interactions with Skye were wonderful, but the best part was when she steps in between Skye and Grant Ward as he is passing them, and she tells him she will kill him if she sees him again. It is important that it was Jemma who stood in between them. It wasn’t Coulson or May, who know how to take him out. It was Jemma, and the look on her face made me believe she can and will do it. Ward has hurt them all, and Jemma is protecting Skye (and Fitz) from being hurt by Ward again.

This scene also shows how much her character has progressed since season one. Season one Jemma would not kill someone much less threaten them. The one time she did hurt someone was when she shot Agent Sitwell with the Night Night gun (too bad it didn’t kill him then). I always believed Jemma could be the girl who looks innocent, but could be deadly force to be reckoned with. She has grown into this role. Earlier this season, we have seen her steadily handling a gun in her apartment when Coulson visited her. Yes, she still needs training, and it is my deepest wish that Bobbi Morse trains her as well as them becoming bosom buddies.


I applaud the show for not making this episode a beginning of a redemption arc for Ward. Ward is a bad guy who has done bad things. Yet, he still believed he was a part of the team. After killing members of S.H.I.E.L.D. like Victoria Hand, he still referred to himself as a member of Coulson’s team. Clark Gregg, as always, was amazing. He firmly told Ward he was not and will never be part of his team.

To Coulson, his team is family, and Ward hurt his family. I also believe Coulson doesn’t fully trust Ward’s brother, but it was the best move to protect S.H.I.E.L.D.


I don’t trust Ward’s brother, but I still don’t trust Ward either. Ward is the type who latches on to another person. He doesn’t have the ability to be single minded. He will find someone who he thinks is also destroyed and try to connect with them. For Ward he thinks Skye is also damaged, and believes she is like him. However, Skye is strong.

Finally, Melinda May went with two of the newer members of the group, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter on a mission. It was entertaining to see May having to listen to the divorced couple complain about the other. To see Bobbi and Hunter argue while still being able to fight in sync with each other was enjoyable.

However, the best scene between the two of them was Bobbi voicing the same thing we have heard from others already with them not being sure where they belong now. Both Bobbi and Hunter are a bit lost. Bobbi doesn’t have the S.H.I.E.L.D. she used to know anymore, and Hunter his best best mate at the beginning of this season. Maybe these two will not be able to give the marriage another go, but I deeply desire them to become comrades.


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