Thursday Highlights of Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is one my favorite times of the year. It is where nerdom rules and we get to find out so much about our favorite fandoms. The one thing that makes this weekend even more beautiful is the internet. If we didn’t have YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or major sites that cover this weekend, we would be out in the dark. For those who can’t go we get to live vicariously through the internet.


Generally Friday is when the Con really starts to pick up, but a few things happened yesterday that are already highlights of the week for me.


1. Community Live Son! Or Community Lives On. Thanks to Yahoo we have another season of Community, and Yahoo has already done a great job of promoting it. I’m pretty sure I have seen more promotion for Community at SDCC than NBC ever did for it in the five years combined.

I wish I could get my hands on this.

Thanks to TV Guide, we also got another Community. Seeing them be at SDCC another year warms the heart. Especially when you can see the love of the cast and crew have for the show.


Finally, I fully support #Gim, and hope there will be some in season 6.



2. Nerd HQ kicked off. Chuck is probably my favorite show. I know it wasn’t the best show ever created, but it had so much heart. So of course I will watch a whole panel of Mr. Zachary Levi talking with his fans. It was a glorious hour, and you can always play the game how many times will Levi begin to cry during the hour. I find the man adorable.

3. This trailer for the online Firefly game. It is beautiful that a show which only lasted 13 episodes still lives on today.

4. The Walking Dead cast. It was finally confirmed that Emily Kinney was going to be at SDCC with the rest of the cast due to Norman Reedus being a lover of Instagram and his fellow cast mates. So even when he deleted the photo it was already on the internet. Now there have been a few more photos of Emily Kinney. Sure it would have been a nice surprise, but knowing she is there for sure makes me happy.



Kind of wish there was a way to see what happened on the plane.



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