“Shut Up and be Dead, I’m Busy.”

Please enjoy this Under the Dome post from guestblogger Justin.

**This post contains spoilers for 2.01 of Under the Dome, “Heads Will Roll.”**

Under the Dome returned with Season 2 last Monday, but due to a combination of houseguests and work, I wasn’t able to watch it until Sunday. At least I don’t have to wait long for the next episode.

I volunteered to write reviews/recaps for the second season, and Kerry decided to hold me to my word. In these reviews, you can expect spoilers, my thoughts on each episode, and general commentary. I hope you enjoy and decide to watch the show if you don’t already.

The episode opens with some rando changing a lightbulb and trying to decide if he wants to drink some liquor. He’s distracted by pulsating lights outside and decides to go investigate. I guess the sky turning black was why he was turning on the light, not sure why the pulsating light changed his mind about drinking though.

We switch back to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Barbie’s execution. (To be honest, during this scene I wasn’t worried about them killing Barbie, I was just wondering who took the time, and had the materials, to build such an intricate gallows). The pulsating light and sound of the dome has given Junior Rennie second thoughts about pulling the lever and sending Barbie to his death.

Meanwhile, Julia returns to shore after dumping the tiny black egg in the lake. She immediately hears splashing and screaming and looks back to see someone drowning. Even though she’s standing right next to the boat she just used, she dives into the water to swim halfway across the lake to the drowning girl. I’m not sure why she didn’t use the boat, or why she didn’t stop to wonder why she didn’t see the girl when she was just out there. In the back of my head I was wondering if her gunshot wound was going to get infected by the pond water, it can’t be very sanitary with eggs and random girls floating around in it.

Back at the gallows, the supporting characters all pass out. Junior can’t pull the lever so Big Jim says he will. This causes Linda to finally step in and save Barbie.

Linda saves the drowning girl and is aided by the alcoholic Rando in reviving her, something Angie probably wishes didn’t happen – but more on that later. They get her breathing and go back to his cabin. The Rando seemed to recognize the Swimmer, but I could just be misreading that.

Big Jim, Linda, and Barbie all arrive at the dome to see why it’s pulsating sounds and lights. They find out that it has been magnetized and is drawing in surrounding objects. Barbie, still in handcuffs, is pulled toward the wall. Linda saves him but ends up being crushed by the SUV they arrived in, so she’s dead.

Rando introduces himself as Sam Verdreaux and helps Julia clean her wound while the Swimmer spies on them.The Swimmer eventually sneaks away. Julia decides she needs to leave the cabin to go save the town and Sam gives her an apparently non-magnetic knife for protection. Once she leaves Sam opens up his sister’s art book where he finds a drawing of the Swimmer.

Barbie decides to steal a car to get back to town and help people. I guess this one was conveniently non-magnetic. He’s stopped by the shotgun-wielding science teacher, Rebecca Pine. She hypothesizes that the dome is having contractions and the resulting electromagnetic waves could kill people.

At the McCallister residence, Norrie’s mom has passed out while all the metal objects in the area are pulled toward the dome. Joe ends up with some stigmata in one hand trying to protect everyone, and they’re all saved once Barbie shows up.

Big Jim ends up trapped in his zombie shelter where he hallucinates Dodee (or the dome sends her, not sure). He ends up using a grenade and a shrapnel-proof mattress to escape, but not before Dodee tells him he has to learn to sacrifice and put other people’s needs before his. He does use some good comebacks to ghost-Dodee though.

Science teacher Rebecca says that everyone needs to be moved to her school, which is at the center of the dome, in order to be furthest away from the dome’s magnetic field. They’re also going to build a giant electromagnet.

Science Teacher Rebecca and Barbie gather up a lot of copper wire and use a tower to build a giant magnet, but it doesn’t work and everyone passes out except Barbie. Junior and Angie are running through town and they also pass out.


Junior dreams about being in a town called Zenith. The badge that was pulled off of his shirt is back now too, and while there, he sees his dead mom. At this point I actually had to go look up if his mom was dead or if she just left. It had been a while since I watched Season 1 (I meant to do a re-watch but ran out of time) but I thought she had killed herself.

Barbie and Julia reunite while Big Jim hallucinates ghost Linda. Jim figures out from his conversation with ghost Linda that he needs to hang himself on the newly constructed gallows in order to save the town. He tries to, but in Rennie fashion, he can’t pull the lever.

He offers for Julia or Barbie to pull the lever and Julia accepts. She also chickens out which causes Jim to stomp through the trapdoor. Julia uses the non-magnetic knife that she got from Sam to cut the rope before Jim dies. She then declares that the dome didn’t want Jim to die, it wanted everyone to stop killing. Not sure where she got that from, though. It makes sense in the episode I guess, but not coming from her. I just don’t understand why the dome would want to tell everyone to stop killing by almost killing all of the town.

In any case, Julia is right and the dome becomes clear once again and everyone wakes up. Well, except for Linda, whose body is being held by the Swimmer.

Oh hey! It’s Stephen King drinking coffee in the diner!

Big Jim deputizes Phil and then gets confronted by Angie in the diner. Angie tells him that it’s a good thing she wasn’t up there on the gallows with him. Science Teacher Rebecca said earlier she thought the tower worked to clear the dome and Barbie and Julia both didn’t correct her. Did they fill in just Angie? I’m not sure how else she would know about it since she was passed out with the rest of the crowd.

Sam the Alcoholic shows up in the diner and we discover that he’s Junior’s uncle. In true uncle fashion, he comments on how Junior has gotten big. He’s searching for the Swimmer who escaped from his cabin.

We see Junior’s mom, Pauline, wake up and say, “James.” I’m presuming she was waking up from the same dream where Junior saw her walking in town. She grabs a painting of a door and starts painting red over the top of it. So I guess she’s alive. We also finally get a glimpse outside of the dome and hear a news report mentioning the dome which shows the outsiders know just as little as those trapped inside.

The episode ends with Angie following the Swimmer into a school. Angie is shocked by something she sees inside a locker the Swimmer had opened. Her shock is shortly lived because she’s soon hit with (and I’m guessing killed by) an ax. My guess? It was Science Teacher Rebecca. The whole “my school is the center of town” thing got to her head.

We’ll have to see what answers episode 2 will bring.

Justin occasionally watches TV shows without the company of his wife; this is one of those shows. Follow his #drunktweets on Twitter at @OfcCupcake.


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