Triplett Brings the Noise and the Funk.

Since the beginning of this series Grant Ward never seemed to fully mesh with the whole group. Sure there were some moments (mainly with Fitz or Simmons) of him slowly finding a spot, but the full on chemistry with the entire group was never there. It was a brilliant idea of having him be Hydra, and bringing in Agent Antoine Triplett. Triplett was one of the best things to happen to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Triplett’s first appearance made it feel like he was a character who would only show up a couple of times. There was no real reason to invest in him, other than the fact he could possibly have a flirtation with Simmons. I was fine with this because I believe Jemma Simmons has chemistry with practically everyone she comes across. The scenes they shared were good.

Triplett really started to gain my interest in “End of the Beginning.” I went into this episode thinking anybody (except Coulson) could be Hydra. Triplett was able to gain my trust when he handed Jemma his knife, and sealed my faith in him when he decided he rather take on Hand and her men than pledge allegiance to Hydra. His storyline was only taking off with this episode.

The team really didn’t trust anybody but themselves due to the revelations of Hydra and Melinda May had been reporting to Nick Fury. Triplett only had Jemma’s trust, and he had to gain everyone else’s due to John Garrett being his Superior Officer. However, they were worried about the wrong person when it was revealed that Ward was actually Hydra because of Garrett.

The show slowly let people begin to trust Triplett, and one way was revealing his grandfather was a Howling Commando who fought side by side with Steve Rogers in taking down Hydra the first time.  No one knew this fact until after it was revealed in the lie detector test because he wanted to gain everything by his own merits.

He wanted to be the best he could be. His grandfather left a great impact on him just like Rogers left with Coulson. The scene where they were fanboying over the old spy gear the Commandos used created this great sense of camaraderie between the two of them.

The scenes between Fitz and him are something of perfection. To Fitz, Triplett is an outsider and someone who is interested in Simmons. It is harder for Fitz to trust him. However, this also leads to the audience learning Triplett is not just brawn. He is able to reference Moby Dick correctly, and has actually read the book. He also understands some of the medical and mechanical jargon that Fitz and Simmons throw around. He is not just a pretty face. He is still good looking, but his intelligence adds so many points to his character on the attractive scale.

The chemistry he has with the group is great, and I never got a sense of blandness that I got with Ward’s character. Therefore, I am hoping he is made a series regular for season 2.


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