Most Interesting Upcoming Shows

One of my favorite parts about upfronts is the trailers for new shows are usually released. It helps give a glimpse of what they will be about, and some have the ability to actually gain genuine interest. There are a few new shows that make me excited for the later part of this year.


Galavant (ABC)

The one trailer that made me super excited was Galavant. I have already seen so many articles describing it as The Princess Bride meets Spamalot, and from the trailer it seems to be an accurate description. What makes this beautiful is it is meant to be campy. Once Upon a Time is already full of campiness, but the majority of it is unintentional. For me this trailer is beautiful, and I want to hold and love it. Especially since Timothy Omundson is playing the bad guy.

I loved him so much in Psych, and I’m so glad he is going to be back on my TV so quickly. Plus Luke Youngblood, who plays Magnitude on Community, is going to be in it. It will be interesting to see him play a character that says more than “Pop! Pop!” for the majority of his dialogue.


The Flash (CW)

Barry Allen was introduced during the mid-season of Arrow, and quickly won a place in my heart. After seeing how well Arrow has been handled, I think it is safe to think The Flash will be amazing as well. The trailer looked amazing, and I can’t wait to see Barry in action.

I can’t wait to see the Arrow and Flash crossovers because it was great seeing Barry interact with Team Arrow, and now we will hopefully see more of the Arrow cast (besides Oliver) interact with this new group, like Felicity. I really want to see Felicity on this show at some point. Plus Tom Cavanagh is in this show, and I usually enjoy his work.



Agent Carter (ABC)

As soon as there was talk about giving Agent Peggy Carter her own show I was all for it. I have only become a bigger fan of Marvel as time has gone on, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has proven itself with becoming a great show. I enjoyed Hayley Atwell playing Carter in Captain America, and I’m glad they are going to explore her character more. It will be interesting to see her life after Steve Rogers. Plus it will be interesting if they include Howard Stark at all, or show anything about Hydra.



Selfie (ABC)

While the trailer wasn’t my absolute favorite it has aspects I really love. The first being it is a modern adaptation of My Fair Lady. I immensely enjoy adaptations of classics if they are done right. Having John Cho play Henry Higgins part is perfection. I have never thought about him playing this role before, but now that I have seen it the casting makes perfect sense.

Another plus with the show is Karen Gillan starring as Eliza in this series. Finally, the creator of the show is Emily Kapnek, the creator of Suburgatory (RIP). I’m willing to give the trailer some leeway due to me not being the biggest fan of Suburgatory’s trailer when it first came out.


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