Shirley Has Three Kids

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 5.11 of NBC’s Community, “G.I. Jeff”

Community is known for their special episodes. However, some of their regular episodes are as great if not better than the special episodes. For me it feels like the story line of Jeff freaking out about his age would have been served better as a regular episode. Instead we got Jeff in a G.I. Joe world during his comatose state.

This episode left me disbelieving the credibility of what was happening. My biggest problem was how Shirley was being portrayed in this episode. The majority of her lines dealt with her only talking about her having three children. This show has proven before that Jeff doesn’t see Shirley only as a mother. If anything she has been shown as a woman who knows how to handle a situation, and make sure she profits from it. Shirley is a great manipulator, and Jeff knows this.

This also leads to another problem I’ve been having with this season with Shirley’s story line. At the beginning of this season, she mentions Andre took their kids and left her. However, the issue has never been readdressed. Instead this season has only mentioned her spending time with her children. What happened with her family problems? A great episode would have been a Shirley centric episode which explained where her family life was now. Not a Jeff is suffering a mid-life crisis episode.


*The part where Jeff takes those unknown pills was another moment of disbelief for me. Jeff may be an idiot at times, but the only one I could see taking those pills in that group is Chang.


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