A Farewell to Psych: My Top Ten Psych Episodes

Psych is probably the only show I found completely on accident. Almost everything I watch is either a result of my friends pressuring me or displaying so much excitement about a show that I have to see what it’s all about (like Parks and Recreation), or it’s a case of me following an actor to a new project (following Joel McHale from The Soup to Community, or following Katie Cassidy from Gossip Girl to Arrow).

But I had only basic cable for the longest time, and no inkling of the offerings on cable networks. This was also back in the dark ages, before I had a cable box, much less a DVR, so anytime I was stuck at home trying to fill my time, I had to manually flip through the channels to find something to watch. One day, I was sick with one of the worst flus I’ve ever endured, and I was too tired to keep checking for a mindless romcom or a Friends marathon. I landed on USA Network, and it happened to be during an all-day Psych marathon. I was hooked after the first episode.

That was 2008. I’ve watched the show hungrily ever since that marathon, because no other show on TV can quite match the irreverent-yet-enthusiastic writing style, the campy-but-loveable characters, and the ridiculous plots and meta references that each episode provides. After eight seasons of ups and downs (yes, there were downs, even on one of my all-time favorite TV shows) it’s time to say goodbye. Here are my Top Ten Psych Episodes, plus honorable mentions, and here’s hoping that tonight’s series finale gives us all of the closure and a minimal amount of tears. {Tears for Fears plays softly in the background.}


Honorable Mentions



Ghosts {Season 3, Episode 1}

I loved seeing Gus in his day job, and I loved seeing how much Shawn could screw it up for him. The stuff with his mother was just added bonus.


Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy {Season 2, Episode 10}

Shawn managing to get both of Gus’ parents accused of murder would’ve been enough to land this episode on my Top 15, but adding in Lassiter’s storyline, this really is a stellar episode. Plus I’m a sucker for Christmas specials.


The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable {Season 3, Episode 4}

A treasure hunt, complete with a double-agent, a lost Puma, and Shawn’s seldom-mentioned Uncle Jack. This episode is always a lot of fun to rewatch.


Tuesday the 17th {Season 3, Episode 12}

This is always on my list of Halloween episodes, and for good reason. It’s the perfect amount of creepy and funny, and it ends on a serious note. It’s clear James Roday had a lot of fun directing this one.


Heeeeere’s Lassie {Season 6, Episode 12}

If you’re a fan of Tim Omundson, this is the episode for you. If you’re not a fan of Tim Omundson, you will be after you watch this episode.

For me, these Honorable Mentions are more like “alternates” depending on my mood — and sometimes others that didn’t quite make the cut (like the Yin/Yang trilogy, or “Feet Don’t Kill Me Now”) end up on the alternates list, too. But for the most part, my Top Ten is pretty consistent, so without further ado…


My Top Ten Psych Episodes

10. “Deez Nups” {Season 7, Episode 7}



“This whole thing started because my ass was on the line. Self-preservation, Jules, you gotta understand that. I didn’t have a choice. And then we sorta found a groove. And by the time you showed up, it was so much fun. We put away like a hundred criminals. Most of them were murderers. I’m good at what I do. And what I do… it’s good, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about? Are you telling me this is all a lie?”

“Please don’t make me answer that.”

There’s so much to love about this episode. Lassiter finally gets to marry the woman of his dreams, Henry gets back in the game after suffering a bullet to the chest in the previous season, Vick delivers my favorite line of hers {“Well what IS good enough, said the Chief of Police?”} and Juliet finally discovers Shawn’s big secret. The entire thing is so well done, I still get a little weepy about it.


09. “Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels, and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire” {Season 8, Episode 1}



Shawn: “I’m no criminal. Matter of fact, I’m not even crazy! At best, I am pleasingly eccentric. At worst, I’m incorrigible and sophomoric.”

I’m a big fan of “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,” so I was delighted by the references and by the presence of Vinnie Jones. I was also excited to see the return of Cary Elwes! If that wasn’t enough, Gus running around in a Gryffindor uniform in search of Rupert Grint is pretty much how I’d spend my time in England, too.

08. “Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger” {Season 6, Episode 10}



Gus: “Don’t you think your take on this is a little easy?”

Shawn: “Easy? Yes. But life is easy, Gus. If you really want it to be.”

This is my favorite of the Despereaux appearances, with the nice addition of John Rhys-Davies. It also contains my all-time favorite Shawn quote, the one above, which sums him up perfectly.

07. “Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion” {Season 2, Episode 15}



Shawn: “They’re only going to talk to their own kind, okay? Shallow, judgmental, cruel, and gorgeous. We’re already embedded.”

At the time, I don’t think this show had ever been so ridiculous and funny. The model characters were perfect, Gus completely lost himself in the modeling world, and anytime Shawn has to be the sane one, the shenanigans are extra crazy. (The music in this episode is iconic as well.)

06. “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing” {Season 3, Episode 11}



Shawn: “My process? Usually starts with a ‘Holla’ and ends with a creamsicle.”

Gus: “And if there’s time in between, Thundercats. Hooooo!”

Lassie-centric episodes tend to be my favorites, and this was the first time we saw him on the other side of the law and in need of Shawn and Gus’ help. Plus, Jackal Mode.

05. “Lights, Camera, Homicidio” {Season 2, Episode 13}



“Dame Judi Dench called. She wants her breakfast back.”

Remember in the opening of this post, how I said I stumbled across a Psych marathon while I was sick, and that’s how I got hooked? This was the episode that was on. More importantly, that line I just quoted was what made me start paying attention. The longer I watched, the more I laughed, and when it was over, I was glad the next episode was starting. I’ll always have this episode in my top ten, because if it weren’t for this one, I might never have discovered Psych at all.

04. “This Episode Sucks” {Season 6, Episode 3}



Shawn: “Are you sure this water is holy?”

Gus: “Yes! I had Father Wesley bless it over the phone.”

Shawn: “Over the phone?”

Gus: “Yes.”

Shawn: “I don’t think it works like that.”

Gus: “You don’t know how anything works, Shawn.”

Vampires are so lame, and yet this episode made them hilarious and even a little intriguing again. Bonus: Gus doing “Sookie is miiine!”

03. “Gus Walks Into a Bank” {Season 3, Episode 8}



Gus: “I just want you to know that no matter what happens, I care about you and I appreciate you. And, well, I love you Shawn.”

Shawn: “Okay, buddy. I hear ya. But you know I’m gonna be back in like half an hour, right?”

The friendship between Shawn and Gus is raw and wonderful in this episode. The case itself is also one of my favorites, but really, I could watch Shawn freaking out about saving Gus any day.

02. “American Duos” {Season 2, Episode 1}



Shawn:“I’m Shawn Spenstar, and this is my partner, Gus ‘TT’ Showbiz.”

Gus:“The extra T is for extra talent.”

This is probably the most iconic Psych episode of all time. An American Idol spoof, a guest role by Tim Curry, a rigorous dance lesson from Juliet, and a stunning performance of “Shout.” What more could anyone ask for?

01. “Last Night Gus” {Season 6, Episode 2}



Lassiter: “I cannot believe I am saying this, but men, we are in this together. Obviously, we all knew the victim.”

Gus: “Well, we all knew the victim, but you were the one who shot him.”

Lassiter: “You had the dead guy’s phone!”

Gus: “Shawn was wearing the man’s sandals!”

Shawn: “Huh. I was hoping you guys didn’t notice that.”

Woody: “Look, I don’t care if we did kill this guy! I’m just happy to be part of it.”

This is a no-brainer for me. There’s not a dull moment in this episode, and seemingly everyone got involved. It was also fun to watch this particular foursome work together to solve their own Hangover-style mystery.


4 thoughts on “A Farewell to Psych: My Top Ten Psych Episodes

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  2. Hahaha I love Psych too! I found it by accident while searching for something new to watch and was blown away by how much Shawn reminds me of Jim Carrey 🙂 awesome sauce

  3. I have loved this show for so long, I don’t know what I’m going to do once its finished 😦 Probably watch it from the beginning all over again – PSYCH MARATHON!! 😀 Your number one episode is definitely my number one too 🙂

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