The Gray Area

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 2.16  of CW’s Arrow, “Suicide Squad” 

Last week’s episode didn’t necessarily have symmetry with all the storylines, but it was very Digglicious. It was interesting to see Diggle having a separate story away from Oliver, and that he indeed does have a part of his life not revolving around Oliver Queen.

One of the things I loved about Diggle’s story line is it being a call back to The Odyssey when he tells Felicity about having to protect a local war lord. Diggle is sent on a mission by A.R.G.U.S. to reconnect with and stop the war lord.  During this episode, Diggle has to face the fact of everything not being black or white or even part of the gray area Team Arrow works in when he has to work with the Suicide Squad.

The most interesting part of the story is he has to work with the man who killed his brother, Deadshot, once again.  Diggle gets to see a glimpse of another part of Deadshot when he finds out about Deadshot’s daughter. Diggle gets to see that different side of Deadshot. Sure he’s still a killer, but he lives by a code and clearly loves his daughter. There was great character development with Deadshot, and while Diggle and Deadshot won’t be wearing “BFF’s” necklaces anytime soon the relationship did become better. I will always welcome more Diggle and Deadshot scenes.

However, my favorite part of the show was the Felicity and Diggle scene. At the beginning of the episode, Diggle is personally watching over Felicity to make sure she is safe from Slade Wilson. Felicity brings him hot coco and tells him she is ok, and if Slade wanted to get to her, he would find a way. Felicity is right. It seems appropriate there was a callback to “The Odyssey” because that was the episode Diggle’s and Felicity’s friendship started. They care deeply for each other, and their friendship is my favorite one on the show.


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