Tune In / Tune Out: Jan. 26 – Feb. 2, 2014

I’d be lying if I said we three of WWFTP weren’t spending some portion of this Sunday watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey. I grew up in Seattle (Well, in one of the suburbs, anyway.) and Kerry has a familial connection to Washington state, so interpret our allegiances as you will. Still, a week of TV can’t be watched in a day, so here are our picks for the shows that ran for the end zone this week, and the ones that came up short.


How I Met Your Mother: Finally, an episode worth watching! The story of “How Your Mother Met Me” was so reminiscent of the first three seasons of this once-great show that one has to wonder why she didn’t get more material in this final season. In only 22 minutes, she managed to capture our hearts with her cheeriness, grief, and perfect-for-Ted quirkiness (she made her breakfast food sing showtunes!) Here’s hoping we see more of her before the finale! — Kerry

Bones: Sometimes, introducing a heretofore secret sibling is a desperate attempt to reignite interest. Just think of all the times characters had babies on sitcoms because the existing kids were aging out of their cute/funny or high school years. But this episode was heart-breaking and sweet, and the introduction of Hodgin’s brother gave all the characters a chance to show their best selves. – Moff

Enlisted: Keith David continues to steal all of his scenes, and we got to see more of the squadron as they faced off against the Marines in a flag football game. The brothers share a very sweet storyline about surprise homecomings between fathers and sons, and Pete runs around in a ridiculous half-shirt for most of the episode. –Kerry

Community: A slightly weird structure aside, there were so many things to love about this episode. And who doesn’t love a chance to Fat Dog for Mid-terms? – Moff

Elementary: I really liked how the non-case part of this episode focused on Sherlock being a sponsor, and seeing him deal with that. – Becca


Nothing from us this week. There were episodes that were only so-so, and there were an awful lot of reruns this week, but nothing that felt like a complete waste of time. And the second quarter started a couple minutes ago, so excuse me while I go pay more attention to football than I do the rest of the year. (GO SEAHAWKS! LOUDER!)


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