The Power of Love

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 2.12  of CW’s Arrow, “Tremors”

“Love’s the most powerful emotion, and that’s what makes it the most dangerous.” –Sara Lance

It may not be Valentine’s Day yet, but Arrow had love as one of the major underlying themes in last night’s episode (which may explain why I have had The Power of Love by Huey Lewis stuck in my head all day).

Last night, was the beginning of Oliver trying to be Roy’s Mr. Miyagi. Instead of Oliver teaching Roy how to wax on and wax off, he decided to teach Roy how Shado had taught Oliver. The problem with that is Roy seemed to be more impatient than Oliver was when he was first learning. Throughout this episode, Roy isn’t able to connect with Arrow, and Oliver realizes this. This is why he reveals himself to Roy because he knew Oliver understands the need to protect Thea more than Arrow would. The revelation was beautiful, and I’m glad they didn’t wait for the reveal. Oliver may have a mask now, but it is easy to tell who he is. I’m still claiming Lance pretends he doesn’t know who Arrow is for plausible deniability.

Now that Roy finally knows the secret Oliver decides to introduce him to the rest of Team Arrow. He tells Roy that Diggle and Felicity are the only ones who matter to him who know his secret identity. He is telling Roy the truth. This episode between the trio was wonderful. Oliver was being more open to them about the island. Yes, there are things he will keep secret, but he finally told them about Slade, and this is monumental. He trusts these two, and their friendship is a wonderful thing to behold.

As for the flashback island sequences, Oliver is also able to help Slade by stopping him from destroying the freighter. In the first flashback, Sara tells Oliver “love is the most powerful emotion” and it is true. Oliver is able to use what Sara tells him to talk Slade down by saying even if Shado didn’t love Slade the way he loved her, she still loved him and wanted him to get off the island. Oliver also mentions Slade’s son, and I’m sad to say I forgot Slade even had a son. This is the first mention of him in season two, and I wonder if the show will actually address what happened to Slade’s son later.

Another wonderful thing about this episode is Sara comes back into play with the present life again. Laurel has hit a new low, and is not being receptive to her father. Paul Blackthorne deserves high recognition for his part in this Laurel arc. Lance knows what is happening to Laurel because he himself once was on a parallel path when he lost Sara. He is trying to reach out to Laurel, but she is not letting him help her.

Lance tries to get her to go to his support group, but she is upset that he tricked her. I love Lance in this episode, and his character is only getting stronger. Laurel later finds out from Joanna that she could possibly become disbarred due to her recent activities. Laurel needs help, but she is refusing the help from both Lance and Joanna when they offer. She ends up at Verdant, and the scene she shares with Oliver and Thea is not pretty. This makes Oliver call Sara. After all, it was Sara who said love was a powerful emotion. Oliver is hoping Sara will be able to get through to Laurel, and we do get to Sara kneeling over a very drunk Laurel at the end of the episode.

It will be interesting to see if Sara can actually get through to Laurel. The history between the two of them is rather shaky because of their past interest in Oliver. Sara also went on the yacht trip with Oliver, which then wrecked, leaving Laurel to believe they both had drowned. Sara coming back to see Laurel now proves Sara does love Laurel enough to risk her safety as well as her family’s.


Finally there is Moira’s storyline. Walter finally makes a reappearance, and I’m so glad to see him back. He wants Moira to run for mayor against Sebastian, and she isn’t willing at first. This is where Thea comes into play. Thea’s and Moira’s relationship has become stronger compared to first season or even the beginning of this season. Thea has learned to forgive Moira. When Moira tells Walter she has reconsidered running for mayor, he knows it was Thea who helped change her mind. I love the relationship Walter and Thea have, and it was great to see them together again. It is also interesting to find out Walter knew Thea’s father was not actually Robert. This means Moira must have told him at some point. It is going to be interesting to see how Walter helps Moira keep her OB quite about the truth, as well as Thea finally finding out the truth of her parentage. The only one who apparently doesn’t seem to know now is Thea and Oliver.

However, what I’m most excited to see is how Roy will interact with Team Arrow.


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