Tune In/Tune Out: Jan. 19-26, 2014

OK. So, it’s cold. It doesn’t matter if you live north of the Mason-Dixon, like Becca and I do, or to the south, like Kerry. It’s varying degrees of cold, and ‘freezing’ has both a scientific and relative definitions, but I’ve spent most of the week unable to feel my toes properly. When it’s awful outside, cold like it is here or rainy, there’s not much to do but hunker down in front of one screen or another and escape to someplace, anyplace, else. With that in mind, here are our picks for what swept us away, and what merely swept us off our feet before dumping us in a cold puddle of disappointment.


Shut Up and Bounce

Y’all didn’t think we were going to put a GIF of *that* scene in here, right?

The Mindy Project: It was a big episode, and hopefully it’s enough to hold us over until April. Thanks a lot, Fox. –Kerry

Courtesy of Julieta Colas. All Rights Reserved.

You guys, you know I never cry.

Community: What is there to say about “Geothermal Escapism”? (Other than what Becca said, that is.) It was a brilliant action episode, up there with “Modern Warfare,” “A Fistful of Paintballs/For a Few Paintballs More,” and “Pillows and Blankets.” But more importantly, it was the send-off Troy, and Donald Glover, deserved. – Moff

Bonjour Clarice

So, clearly I missed the memo that I even *had* a time. Bummer.

Enlisted: After last week’s stumble, this show recovered nicely with a brother-centric episode that shed light on Pete’s difficulties with adjusting to civilian life. The scene that Geoff Stults and Keith David shared was unexpectedly touching, and if this show has more moments like that mixed in with the absurdities of the oddball squadron, this show might actually stand a chance in the vast wasteland of Friday night scheduling. –Kerry


Ichabod Crane: Human-size anachronistic puppy.

Sleepy Hollow: It was a hell of a ride for the two-hour finale, and I can’t quite fathom having to wait till the autumn to find out what happens next. – Moff


Parks & Recreation: Ann spent her penultimate episode complaining about her boyfriend/baby daddy to a bunch of former coworkers who didn’t care about her First World Pregnancy Problems. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen her interact with Leslie, and watching her spend this episode screeching to everyone except her best friend was very frustrating. (Ron and his noise-cancelling headphones marginally picked up this storyline, as did Donna with her Cuban cigar and yellowfin sushi.) –Kerry



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