Bon Troyage

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 5.05  of NBC’s Community, “Geothermal Escapism”

Last night, we said Bon Troyage to Troy Barnes. Some shows may have had a goodbye episode full of Troy’s greatest moments on the show, or the Study Group all sitting around and saying goodbye to Troy. However, this is Community, and they have never tried to be normal. Instead we got an epic Lava World episode.

Britta was amazing in this episode. She points out to the group it is ok to be sad Troy is leaving, and that sometimes people push away the sadness with forms of happiness. I am one of those people. I have moved seven times throughout my childhood, and I always preferred to leave on a happy note. Sure there were “I’m going to miss you’s,” but I always wanted to jam pack my last moments I spent with my friends with happiness. This might be one of the reasons why the group including Jeff went along so willingly to Abed’s game of the floor is lava. They want one last epic adventure.

This episode reminded me of the former paintball episodes. One of the reasons is they all highlighted on the journey of different members of the study group. The first paintball war focused on Jeff’s journey throughout the episode, while the second focused on Annie. This episode focused on Britta, and her trying to get the study group to process their feelings about Troy leaving. However, Greendale takes their games very seriously.

During the game, Jeff and Annie save Britta from Duncan, and offer her a chance to join their alliance. The one thing that is more interesting than seeing Jeff so invested in this game is the audience got actual scenes of Jeff, Britta, and Annie where there was no hint of a love triangle. There was no bickering, and Britta and Annie were not pitted against each other. I want to bottle up these scenes and save them.

They run into Chang and his locker gang, but are saved by Troy and Abed who have found each other. The scene shows how powerful the two of them are together, and it makes Troy leaving hurt even more. The group quickly has to escape from Hickey before he destroys them from the awesome machine he has made (the man is a genius). While they are escaping, Chang and his gang are destroyed with Chang yelling Nathan Fillion is his guy crush (I seriously can’t wait for next week’s Community).

Annie and Jeff are in the lead, leaving Troy, Abed, and Britta behind them. Britta is still trying to get Abed to recognize his pain with Troy leaving. However, Abed doesn’t want to do this, and leaves Britta behind with Troy following him. Britta is left alone, and it looks like Hickey is going to send her to her lava fate. However, he invites her to join forces with him. I have a new respect for Hickey with this episode.

The rest of the group is able to make it to Shirley’s Island. It is interesting to see Shirley has made an oasis like Pierce did during the second paint ball war. Of course Shirley and Pierce do have similarities. One of them being they are sometimes the odd ones out of the study group. In season one, Pierce and Shirley had a heart to heart about how they were sometimes left out in the group, and it is true. Shirley even mentions this in her goodbye to Troy about how she is a boring old mom from his study group. I seriously want to hug Shirley.

As for the final part of the game the last three contestants left were Britta, Troy, and Abed. It makes sense Britta is the one left with the famous duo because she understands their friendship, which was proved during the Inspector Spacetime Convention episode. Another reason is she is probably the closest to Troy besides Abed. It was wonderful to see Britta coming up with the idea to clone Abed in order to bring Abed back. Britta is able to fix the problem, and help Abed accept Troy was leaving him.

Troy’s and Abed’s friendship is a beautiful thing. Troy was Abed’s interpreter. Troy also admitted to Britta he was the only one who slightly understood how Abed worked. It is one of the reasons why Abed was so afraid of Troy leaving. Abed had been able to gain a close friend with Troy, and Troy understood him better than anyone else. It is going to be interesting to see how Abed functions without Troy.

The sadness Britta was wanting finally came in the end, and we got heartfelt goodbyes from him with each member in the study group. Troy is the sweetest person in the study group, and always knew the right thing to say to each member. For Britta, she is still the best (not the opposite of Batman), and she was the only one he said I love you to. I loved Britta and Troy together, and it was great to see their breakup never ruined their friendship.

The moment him and Abed said goodbye was a tug at the heart strings. They still pretended to be their clones because it was one of the few ways to accept the reality of the situation. The real Abed came out with him mentioning the homing pigeon, and telling Troy in his Abed way to come back home soon. The hug was heartbreaking because you could sense the feeling of loss between the two of them.

The best part of the sendoff was probably having LeVar Burton be Troy’s companion on his voyage, and them riding out of Greendale to “Come Sail Away.”

As for the tag, it was the best one of the season, and I would also like to know why Star Trek wasn’t called Planet Trek.


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