Tune In / Tune Out: Jan. 12-19, 2014

Welp. Here we are: Another week, another batch of episodes behind us. As I put together our picks for ‘Most Likely to be Rewatched’ and ‘Most Likely to be Forgotten Until We See It Listed On the DVD,’ I’m watching the NFC Championship game, and holding out hope my hometown team will come back from their slow start and finish strong. (Typing with crossed fingers is tough, folks, but it’s worth it if the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl.) And so, without further ado, here are our thoughts on the week just ended.


Natalie Morales

Trophy Wife: Jackie and Pete had to work together in order to spend a day with Bert, while Kate finally had to learn how to be a parent capable of discipline. It’s so great to watch these characters evolve. –Kerry

[h/t to our Trophy Wife guest blogger, Mary, for the GIF and for saving me from the #trophy wife tag on Tumblr. Geez. – M]


Brooklyn Nine Nine: I’m only a casual fan of Jake/Amy, but I think I can turn into a real fan if they use this episode as an endpoint to the “children on a playground” trope. Boyle’s one scene with Rosa was great, but my favorite was Captain Holt, who couldn’t seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth. –Kerry

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I love that this episode took us back to Jemma’s and Fitz’s academy, and having Bucky Barnes’ name on the memorial wall was icing on the cake. – Becca

Psych: We got some great character growth for Lassiter! It came at the cost of dealing with an annoying police chief, but at least this sets up a good arc for the former head detective. Here’s hoping we’ll be rid of Trout soon… I miss Chief Vick. –Kerry

Downton Abbey: After a plodding season premiere (episodes 1 and 2), the third episode had the more familiar pacing of earlier seasons. Of course, it also had an emotional wallop that I’m still unsure was necessary, though it certainly made for a couple compelling performances on the part of Joanne Froggatt and Phyllis Logan. – Moff

Modern Family: I mostly watch this show out of habit, late on Wednesday nights after I’ve watched all my other shows, but I was surprised and pleased at the storyline for Alex in this week’s episode. Her character is frequently pigeonholed as a straight-man foil to the antics of her siblings and cousins, so it was nice to see that she has her own set of issues, and that when she’s on her own, she’s actually an appealing character to watch. –Kerry

The Crazy Ones: I haven’t been watching this freshman series as regularly as I might have – and I’m not happy CBS has seen fit to bump it a half-hour later this week for another helping of, ahem, a certain “sitcom” – but both the A- and B-plots were strong this week, with a clever means of tying them together and another sweet father-daughter moment between Robin Williams’ and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s characters. Plus, Josh Groban with a quasi-mullet and an office/dressing room in a grungy men’s room: What more do I need? – Moff


How I Met Your Mother: If you don’t find the blatant stereotyping to be offensive, then you’ll definitely be offended by the lack of payoff… and the lack of storyline… and the lack of anything compelling happening at all. It was all-around the worst episode of the series. Way to besmirch the fourth slap, writers. –Kerry

Person of Interest: As lovely as the denouement was, bringing Mr. Finch and Mr. Reese back together to continue their work, I’ve seen the ‘protect the young tech wizard who’s invented a world-changing Internet thing’ story done better on other shows – and with a more interesting young tech wizard. – Moff



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