The 71st Annual Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Lee Daniels’ The Butler Golden Globe Awards

On Sunday night, everyone in the film and TV industry except for Woody Allen gathered together for the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. They were hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who were hosting for the second year in a row, and they did not disappoint. We here at WWFTP only watch awards in a cursory way; I’m pretty sure Moff didn’t even tune in, Becca only saw a portion of it, and I watched for the Amy-and-Tina of it all. While our Twitter feeds exploded with happiness (Leonardo di Caprio) and rage (something about Jennifer Lawrence not deserving her second GG?) from people who were watching this show for the actual awards (I know, crazy right?!) I will give you highlights of the show itself. Spoiler alert: I loved basically everything.

Let’s start with Tina and Amy’s best jokes:


There’s so much truth to that one that it might be the one joke everyone remembers about this show in 20 years.


JLaw’s reputation as a good sport endures. But they weren’t done:


Can we all agree that the real Amy and Tina look amazing in these gifs? Particularly when they called Matt Damon a “garbage person”:

But that’s probably because I’m not a fan of Matt Damon. They also gossiped about the father of Kerry Washington’s baby.

I kinda can’t wait to use this as a reaction gif one day. But my favorite Amy joke:


They also did a gag where Amy dressed up as Tina’s son from a previous relationship. His name was Randy, he was Mr. Golden Globes, and he was not happy to be there.


Kevin Bacon was not prepared to handle these two ladies that night.

Also, I can’t find gifs of the various times they messed up Tom Hanks’ name (Tam Honks) but that was one of my favorite bits.

Then there was the joke to cap off the night:

Leo was like:

He was in a good mood because he finally won an award for some movie where the f-word was used a record number of times. People keep repeating that fact like it’s the only notable aspect of the movie so here I am repeating it again.



The Mother of Dragons and that guy who played Robin presented it to her, but Amy was preoccupied with making out with Bono.

And the cast was so happy for her!

Even Larry was excited for her!

You’re always a winner in our hearts, Amy, but it’s nice that you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve.

And finally, Tina took a moment to congratulate her bestie:


Awww, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

But for me, there was one obvious snub:

Oh Tatiana. You deserved that award. But at least she went in with realistic expectations, and her nomination has gotten Orphan Black some good recognition. Plus, she was one of us on the red carpet:

@emilyzemler: I asked my favorite @tatianamaslany to take a selfie on the Globes carpet so here’s her and Mike Tyson

But my real hero and idol was Emma Thompson.

Drink in one hand, shoes in the other, PLEASE BE MY BEST FRIEND.


Also, two of my favorites were together again.

Speaking of JLaw:

#GoldenGlobes were a blast

A post shared by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

I was also pleased that some of the Avengers made appearances.


Begging the age-old question: Robert Downey Jr, or Tony Stark?

This was Mark Ruffalo in the audience when RDJ first walked out:

But he also presented an award, so that we could have a gif of him making this face:

Weirdly, Cap was the only one rocking facial hair:

And finally, my second-favorite Avenger was there for his nominated movie, Rush.

ADORABLE. He also did the blurb for his movie onstage, but I can’t seem to find gifs of that, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Not in attendance was Jeremy Renner, even though his movie American Hustle got an award.

There was also this weird moment:

And the part where Diane Keaton got up there and talked about how great Woody Allen was even though he doesn’t attend award shows:

She sang a song we all sang in Girl Scouts, and basically if she wasn’t Diane Keaton we would all think it was weird, but she’s Diane Keaton so we just went along with it.

But perhaps the most surprising part of the night was when Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I’ve told you to watch, won TWO Golden Globes! Andy Samberg won one for his role as Jake Peralta, and the show itself won for Best Comedy (beating out Parks and Recreation, which made it a double-edged sword for me). Most people were excited about this:

But I was excited to see the whole cast onstage.

Breaking Bad won some stuff too, but we don’t watch that show so all we could do was be happy for the friends who do. Also, this:

That’s about it for our recap. Until the Oscars! (Spoiler: I won’t have watched any of the nominated movies by then, either.)


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