Tune In/Tune Out: Jan. 5-12, 2014

Ah, it’s a new year, and that means some changes here at WWFTP. As you will have noticed, Kerry is once again gracing us with her fabulous, amazing Community picspams. We’re using our Twitter account for more than simply a feed for new posts. And our weekly list of picks-and-pans on the small screen, Tune In/Tune Out, is moving from Friday to Sunday to accommodate delayed DVR and/or online watching of shows that air earlier in the week.

But enough about the nuts and bolts of things. Let’s get on with the things we loved, and the things no one could pay us to watch again.


TV Addicted

Quality TV is when it’s funny even if it’s out of context.

The Mindy Project: Danny Castellano was Mindy’s personal trainer, and the results were hilarious and sweet. The last scene stole my heart. – Kerry

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Clark Gregg was amazing, and we finally got a part of Coulson’s resurrection solved. – Becca

Helix: I don’t know if it’s the tense pacing, the claustrophic shots of the massive under-the-ice research facility, or the cheery bossa nova tunes, but this new SyFy series was terrifying and fun. And with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, of The Middleman, co-executive producing, I’m sure there will be equal parts terror and humor in future episodes. – Moff

Enlisted: It’s about as rocky as a pilot gets (a lot of storytelling crammed into 22 minutes results in odd jumps and weird character moments) but the heart is there, and the humor is great. This show has a lot of potential now that the premise has been established, and I’m looking forward to the next episode. – Kerry

Confidentiality Spice

Sounds reasonable.

Community: Man, where do you even start? The show is back, it’s firing on all cylinders, and THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS, OK? It’s platonic shoulder holding, geez. – Moff

Psych: The premiere was everything I wanted and more. From Gus’s obsession with Harry Potter to a Vinnie Jones guest appearance. As always, Cary Elwes was perfection. – Becca

Grimm: As much as this week was another by-the-books crime of the week, it tackled the issue of what happens when a totally regular person confronts someone they know and trust about their Wesen state, with interesting results. However, it was an episode for Bitsie Tulloch to shine: Her Juliette kicked some ass and then delivered an emotional one-two punch no less than 30 seconds later. – Moff

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Craig Robinson made a memorable appearance as the Pontiac Bandit, but it was the partnership between Rosa and Jake that made the episode for me. – Kerry


Castle: This show hasn’t taken a real risk since killing off Captain Montgomery, so the audience knew that Ryan and Esposito weren’t in any real danger. All of the deep, emotional scenes that Stana Katic had to deliver were undercut by the knowledge that the guys were going to get rescued and be just fine. The episode worked for a lot of people, but I think Castle has just lost its charm for me. – Kerry

Intelligence: I watched the pilot because I am a fan of the actors. However, the characters were so stoic, and the show felt flat. I think one of the problems was it lacked heart. – Becca

Downton Abbey: I had such high hopes for season four, but the two hour premiere on PBS was plodding and lacked the West Wing-esque pacing and plot twists. Here’s to higher hopes for next week. (Full disclosure: I’m watching the new episode as I’m putting this in to post, and OH MY GOD. A better episode, but OH MY GOD.) – Moff

People’s Choice Awards: Only a few select winners got the proper amount of recognition. The only highlights for me was seeing Stephen Amell’s face and Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech. – Becca


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