Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 5.03  of NBC’s Community, “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”

I love many of Community’s genre episodes because they can do them so well. The only other show that can compete on the same level with them is Psych. So I was pleased when I found out both shows were doing genre styled episodes this week. I had no idea Community was doing a thriller crime episode, and I am very pleased with the result.

This episode was also a delight with the return of John Oliver’s character, Professor Ian Duncan. I have seriously missed this man. His absence was addressed by him being with his mother who was and still might be ill. I am also pretty sure Duncan was drunk in his first scene since he thought Professor Hickey was Pierce. He made the episode even better by his boozy personality, and it was amusing to his crush on Britta seems to be back. I want to see more Duncan and Britta shenanigans, and I’m glad her majoring in Psychology will probably bring this to life.

It was also interesting to see Annie who is again majoring in forensics to be working the crime scene with Hickey. As soon as I learned Jonathan Banks was going to be a criminology professor this is what I wanted to happen. I wanted to see Annie actually working with Banks’ character.

The sad part about this episode was learning this episode was shot out of order, and therefore was Donald Glover’s last episode he did. In some ways it seems very appropriate his last episode dealt with butt stuff, and him playing one of the victims of the bandit was priceless.

We never learned who the bandit is; it could be any of the group or someone else at Greendale. I personally think it is Rhonda. I think she is a very crafty assistant, and hope to see more of her.

As for the rest of the episode, my pathological side comes out. I suggest you stop reading, if you don’t want to see it.


One of the reasons why I love Community is because it recognizes organic chemistry with certain pairings and explores it. Troy and Abed are a gold mine. They became the famous duo of the show. I would say the next famous duo is probably Jeff and Annie. At the beginning of the show’s run, no one expected this to have a following, but then episodes like “Football, Feminism, and You” happen, and it makes viewers realize these two characters are in some ways two sides of the same coin. Yes, they have differences; they also know how the other one ticks.

This is one of the main reasons why this is their third “caper” story line. If you want an episode where two people can very easily take over the world, you put Shirley and Jeff together. If you want a duo to figure out a mystery, then have Jeff and Annie together. The pairing works and the writers know it. One of the biggest issues with this duo, which is brought up constantly is the whole romantic part. This is what happens when people throw caution to the wind and have Jeff and Annie kiss in the finale of the first season. There is no way of forgetting it happened. Yes, they tried to forget about it, but it didn’t work. At least once a season the concept of Jeff and Annie is brought up.

I was ready to go into this season with my shipper goggles not fully glued onto my eyes. I have already read and heard in interviews that this season didn’t really address any romance. I was fine with this because the group comes first and foremost for me. Then I watched last night’s episode, and my pathological feels came out in full force. They brought up the whole Jeff and Annie of it all again, and like usual nothing is resolved. However, I can somewhat understand why it has been five seasons and has not been resolved yet. The thing is Jeff and Annie are friends. Yes, there is a case where Jeff and Britta have been involved with each other and still remain friends because it wasn’t taken seriously. They were only friends with benefits.

For Jeff and Annie I think an actual relationship with each other scares them. I know for me almost every time I got romantically involved with a friend it ruined the friendship after we went our separate ways. I lost good friends because of this. I don’t think Jeff and Annie want to lose their friendship because they care for each other too much. Would it be nice if the whole will they or won’t they be answered? Yes, it would. However, at some points with the show this relationship feels real because of them being cautious. They make a great team, and do get caught up in the moment. However, they are also brought back down to normal lives like they were when Shirley told them Pierce had died. So for now Jeff and Annie will probably be swept under a rug again until they have another episode where they team up. Yes, it is frustrating the writers have never resolved this relationship, but I still enjoy the show because of the group. It was an emotional moment to see them hugging and comforting each other at the end of the episode, after learning about Pierce’s death. I liked the way they were set up with Abed and Shirley together and Annie and Britta embracing each other. I loved Pierce and he will be dearly missed.



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