I Just Wanted to Win

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 1.12  of CBS’s The Crazy Ones, “The Face of a Winner”

I related to Sydney a little too much in last night’s The Crazy Ones. I once was an addicted gamer, nothing as serious as not going to the bathroom for over seventeen hours, but it was still an addiction. In the middle of the night, I would sneak my brother’s game system into my room, and fight off my tiredness. For me, I had to not only beat any game I played but be the best at it. I finally cut cold turkey, and found a new addiction, TV and movies. I use the excuse TV and movies don’t take up as much of my time. However, it becomes a different story when I come across one of my old Sims or Oregon Trail 3 in the garage. My addiction slowly starts to creep in, if I allow it.

What I liked about the episode is they made Sydney more relatable. I know how it can be in wanting to be the winner. It is one of the reasons we stopped playing Monopoly in my family. We get competitive.

The addiction can bring quite a few laughs, and succeeded to do so from Sydney killing Lauren every few seconds to the staged intervention inside the game. It also showed other addicts besides Sydney, which I thought was a great touch.

Towards the end of the episode, we finally got a great heart to heart between Simon and Sydney. She is able to let go of the game, and realize how haggard gaming can make a person look. This leads to a pitch where she gives this monologue on how the game can change a person. It was a great selling point for the advertisers. You may come out of a game scarred, but you will still be the winner.

The rest of the plot dealt with Zach and Andrew trying to out zen each other or Simon’s and the advertisers attention. This part was ore for comic relief, while the heart of the episode was about Sydney. It was still great to see the boys in fuzzy robes with different beauty masks on their faces.



Overall this episode isn’t one of the greatest episodes The Crazy Ones has done, but any episode with Sarah Michelle Gellar dancing is a must watch.


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