That dweam wifin a dweam

No. No, not mawwage marriage. NBC’s fifth-year senior sitcom, Community is what bwings brings us here today.


As the Fall 2013 TV season draws to a close, with holiday concerts and specials replacing shows settling in for their long winter’s nap, we here at WWFTP have been working on our holiday and end-of-year posts. (Check back often, as we’ll be posting through New Year’s Eve!)

This post may contain spoilers for season 5 of NBC’s Community. Proceed with caution.

Community GIFs

Nope. A thousand times nope.

However, I don’t think we can ignore the seven-foot Dalmatian in the room any longer: Community will be back on our screens at 8/7C Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014. As much as ABC’s Once Upon a Time was the show that prompted me to ask Becca and Kerry to join me on this blogging adventure, the truth is we all first met at Greendale.

Now, the three of us have been anxious to return to Greendale and find out what’s happening with our favorite Study Group, but at the same time, we hesitate to put too much time into dissecting the casting reports, Instagram set photos, and Vines of the Greendale Five. (Well, actually, Kerry and I hesitate to put too much time into that.


Becca, on the other hand, is a spoiler-consuming fiend who is a constant state of ants-in-pants with me and Kerry because we do not like to be spoiled.)

But here’s the thing: The first two trailers for Season Five are out there in the wilds of the Interwebs, and I’d be a lying liar if I said the three of us won’t be talking about them at some point. (Be-tee-dubs, the first trailer is here and the ‘official NBC promo with behind-the-scenes clips’ is here. I have to put ‘official NBC promo’ in quotations because, well, it’s NBC.) And as much as we three are generally content to sit together on our virtual couch and kvetch about our favorite shows, when it comes to Community, it’s a democracy. And when I say ‘democracy,’ I mean our Twitter and Tumblr feeds are heavily populated with other people talking about it, so we couldn’t ignore this even if we tried.

I have thoughts about the newest trailer, and I’m certain Kerry and Becca will, too, but in the spirit of democracy, what do you think? Hit us up in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter @WWFTP, and be sure to use #sixseasonsandamovie, particularly if you’re a bot.


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