Please Save My Friend

Warning: this post contains spoilers from episode 2.08  of CW’s Arrow, “The Scientist”

One of the things I love so much about Arrow is they are capable of balancing so many characters, and each episode can easily handle four to six story lines. Arrow also focuses on each character in different episodes. Last week’s episode brought Felicity Smoak to the forefront. It was truly wonderful to see Felicity making decisions and taking charge of Team Arrow with certain aspects in this episode.

One reason why Felicity was a major player in this episode is because of the introduction another brainy character, Barry Allen.

When you have two good looking brainy characters on a show they generally share quite a few scenes together because they need to get together and have babies right? They did make a great pairing, and it was nice to see Felicity interact with someone who is not necessarily part of Oliver’s world.

This was also a great way to introduce Barry. Barry is able to get along with Felicity because she can understand him better than the other characters. There really is no “in English” scenes with them. They are both attracted to each other, and Barry is able to open up in front of Felicity be himself. He tells her why he is so interested in the vigilante. It is because he sees him as a hero, and thinks that if there had been more of him out there, then his mom wouldn’t have been murdered. Barry is a fanboy, and for that reason alone we should befriend him. He is one of us.

The first time Felicity takes charge is by having Barry work at Queen Consolidated to help figure out who was behind the robbery. She does this without asking Oliver’s permission. When he finds out, she tells him it is because her specialty does not include forensic science.

It was entertaining to watch Felicity’s and Oliver’s interaction in this episode. Most of their interaction had something to do with Barry. Felicity was more welcoming to him, while Oliver was very suspicious of him. Oliver was right to be suspicious of him since it turned out Barry lied about being a C.S.I. and being sent there because there was a similar case in Central City. However, when Oliver pointed out to Felicity that Barry lied to him, Felicity pointed out they lie all the time as well.

Felicity remains upset at Oliver at the party the Queens throw. It is interesting to see Felicity upset at Oliver. There have been a couple of times where they have been upset with each other before, but this one intrigued me because Oliver actually made it up to Felicity. He called Barry, and invited him to the party for Felicity. It was a cute scene. I think some of my favorite parts of the episode were Oliver mentioning how young Barry looks.

Is that a smile, Lance?

I laughed so hard when he made the comment to Felicity about the bar would card Barry. It was so nice to see how much Oliver’s relationship with Felicity has evolved since their first meeting.

Finally, there is the second time Felicity takes charge where Team Arrow is concerned. Towards the end of the episode, Diggle is wanting to call 9-1-1 because Oliver appears to be on the brink of death again, but Felicity doesn’t let him. Felicity’s and Diggle’s roles are reverse from episodes fourteen of season 1, “The Odyssey.” In that episode Felicity wanted to take Oliver to the hospital, but Diggle wouldn’t let her. Now Felicity is taking charge, and decides they are bringing Barry into the fold. This means Diggle shoots Barry with a tranquilizer, and brings him the Team Arrow’s lair. It is fortunate for them that Barry seems to make it a habit to miss the first train.

The episode ends with Barry waking up and slowly registering he is in the vigilante’s lair. He then sees Oliver in the Arrow gear unconscious on the table with Diggle appearing. The show finally ends with Felicity asking Barry to please save her friend. The line was perfect. She described Oliver as her friend instead of calling her his boss because Oliver is her friend first.

Emily Bett Rickard’s as always brought her A-game, and was fantastic!

Moira Queen, has also been at her best this season. Prison agreed with her, and her being out of prison hasn’t changed her character. She appears to be a more confident woman, so I guess prison really does change a person. The incredibly good-looking yet dubious Malcolm Merlyn keeps appearing wanting her to tell Thea that he is her father. Moira refuses to bow down to his wishes anymore. Instead she finds out who Ra’s al Ghul is, and uses this information to her benefit. What I find interesting is Malcolm possibly more frightened of al Ghul than Sara Lance is.

Moira and Isabel Rochev also share a couple of scenes together, and it makes me wonder what Moira knows about Isabel. There is a reason why Isabel’s name is in the book both Robert and Moira had in the first season, and I want to know why her name is in it. However, I will have to disagree with Moira’s statement about Oliver not always being the best judge of character. He usually is at least seventy-five percent of the time. I mean he chose Diggle and Felicity to be part of his team.

Diggle had a smaller part in this episode, but he still wins all his awards for his movements and comments. He knows Oliver knew something about the robbery he wasn’t telling them. He also knows Felicity and Barry have a thing for each other. Diggle is always observant, and sometimes I wish we had an episode of Arrow that was full of Diggle side commentary.

Another thing I loved about the episode is the majority of the story lines were tied in together. Roy and Thea met up with Sin in this story because one of Sin’s friends with missing. When they go into the missing friend’s living quarters they find several drawings of Blood’s mask and a blood drive brochure that Blood helped run. Sin tells them that was the day her friend went missing. I hope they are a smart bunch to figure out there is a connection. Unfortunately for Roy, Oliver shoots him in the leg because he refuses to stay away from this situation.

Finally there is the island story, the merry band consisting of Shado, Slade, Oliver, and Sara are searching for the submarine because they believe the drug, Mirakuru, might be the only thing to save Slade. They are able to find the submarine, but realize Mirakuru will probably kill him. Oliver still injects Slade with it, after Slade reveals to Shado he has feelings for her.

In all appearances it looks like Slade dies, and Ivo with his gang find them in the submarine. I still believe you can’t keep a man like Slade down, and he’ll somehow survive the injection. He is probably only mostly dead.

Let us be thankful for Oliver in suspenders.


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