The Beginnings of Emma Approved

When I first heard the people who created The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (a.k.a LBD) were going to do Emma, I started to full on fangirl. Emma Approved is a delightful webisode series. There are two new episodes every week, and I always anticipate the next episode.

In only eight episodes, they have been able to so much in a short amount of time. Emma Woodhouse, portrayed by Joanna Sotomura, finds an assistant as well as figures out how to save her friend’s wedding.

Emma’s personality may put people off at first. She is a self-assured young woman who knows she’s great and doesn’t hide the fact. She compares her greatness to Oprah’s, and the reason this series exists is because Emma wants to record her greatness.

As time goes on, Emma slowly starts to gain a place in your heart with her stubbornness of keeping her friend’s wedding alive, and her personality becomes more endearing. She is in no way perfect, and I think the title card proves it: The “d” in “Emma Approved” is crooked, but is soon fixed. It shows Emma is a fixer, but I also believe that it shows her life is in no way perfect. Emma has her own flaws, even if she tries not to show them. Emma is her own person, and I wouldn’t have her anyway.

One of the reasons why I wouldn’t have her any other way is because of her business partner, Alex Knightley, portrayed by Brent Bailey. As much as I loved how LBD was mainly about the women, I love how this story is centering on Emma and Alex’s friendship.

They balance each other out. While Emma is trying every way to save her friend’s wedding, Alex is the one who has both his feet planted on the ground while trying to make Emma be more realistic. Emma gives her full attention to one thing, while Alex tries to open her up to other things she needs to work on, like hiring an assistant.

Another awesome thing is Alex never puts his foot down with Emma trying to save her friend’s wedding until she wanted him to lie to her father in order to manipulate other characters who were preventing it from happening. It was a great scene because it revealed he supported her 99% of the time, and also because Alex was hot in during that scene. (Yes, it’s a shallow comment, but it needed to be said.)

Plus, he cares about Emma. It is one of the reasons he gets frustrated because he knows what the outcome would be if he let Emma go with her plan unsupervised. And, it’s true about him supporting Emma 99% of the time because in the previous episode, “Let’s Be Frank,” he gave her his phone, so she could try to get ahold of Frank Churchill. He knew she wouldn’t be able to get Frank when she tried calling, but the scene was adorable: First, with her knowing his password, and then him sitting back to watch her on the phone. If I didn’t already like the pairing, this would have sealed it for me.

Finally, there was, “Being a Great Friend,” where, through an impromptu game of charades, Alex admitts he was wrong and Emma was right. This episode gave me shipper feels galore, and I will slowly die every single time they look at each other until the very end.

The series has also introduced two other characters: Emma’s friend, Annie Taylor (Alexis Boozer), and her new assistant, Harriet Smith (Dayeanne Hutton). Annie, like Alex, does not easily succumb to Emma’s controlling behavior. It is one of the reasons I think they have a great friendship. Annie, like Alex, is older than Emma and has known her for a while. She understands Emma’s personality, and is not greatly influenced by it.  When Emma thinks showing Annie all the wedding plans will sway Annie’s mind, she doesn’t fold on her decision. Annie is a strong person, and you need to be strong minded in order to be friends with Emma.

Harriet Smith, however, is new and about the same age as Emma. It seems like Emma can influence her more, and that is one of the reasons why Emma likes Harriet.

The series is finding its pace, and it brings me happiness each week. I look forward to each week I will get a new Emma Approved, and can’t wait to see what other characters show up, like Ryan Weston or the elusive Mr. Frank Churchill


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