Our Favorite Halloween Episodes

It’s the most ghoulish time of the year–the time that astronauts, fairy princesses, and tiny Captain Americas ring your doorbell for some free candy! If you prefer shenanigans and tricks to the blood and gore of the horror genre, then kick back and relax with some of mine and Becca’s Top 10 feel-good Halloween-themed episodes, in no particular order.

01. Parks and Recreation {Season 2, Episode 7} “Greg Pikitis”


P&R usually delivers gems for their Halloween episodes, especially considering one of them involves a long-awaited proposal, but “Greg Pikitis” stands head and shoulders above all of the others. It might actually be my favorite P&R episode of all time. Ann’s attempt to throw an amazing Halloween party nearly fails before Tom, dressed as T-Pain, comes in to save the day; we also get to see some of the cast in some pretty great costumes. But it’s Leslie’s annual war with one of the town’s high schoolers, Greg Pikitis, that takes center stage. She’s almost unhinged as she stalks, accosts, and threatens to torture her nemesis. She’s aided and abetted by her cop boyfriend, Dave, along with Andy, who introduces his alter-ego: Burt Machlan, FBI. If you’ve never seen Parks and Recreation, I highly recommend this one as an introductory episode.

Watch this episode: Netflix | Amazon | YouTube

02. Community {Season 1, Episode 7} “Introduction to Statistics”

The study group attends Annie’s Dia de los Muertos party (Chang: “You don’t have to keep doing that!”) while Jeff tries to sneak into the faculty party. The episode was awesome, from Pierce tripping on Starburns’ mysterious pills (his chair fort was pure genius) to Abed being Batman.

Watch this episode: Hulu Plus | Amazon | YouTube

03. Friends {Season 8, Episode 6} “The One With the Halloween Party”


Ross is Spud-Nik. Chandler is a giant pink bunny, because somehow Monica doesn’t know anything about the Velveteen Rabbit. Rachel is pregnant and terrifying the children. Sean Penn guest stars. And there’s an intense and hysterical arm-wrestling match between Ross and Chandler. Really, how could you not want to watch this episode before heading out to your costume party?

Watch this episode: Amazon | YouTube

04. Boy Meets World {Season 5, Episode 17} “And Then There was Shawn”


While this did not air around Halloween, it’s a perfect episode to watch for the holiday. The gang is stuck in detention, and the episode goes through all of the horror genre tropes, with Shawn taking the lead. Angela plays the girl who constantly screams and getting all huffy when Jennifer Love Fefferman screams. Eric delivers one of the most enduring lines of the episode: “Now there’s only two people horribly dead here, that’s an acceptable loss.” While it is fun to see all the tropes being played out in a fun way, there was also heart underneath it. There’s a reason people are being “murdered,” and all is revealed by the end.

Watch this episode: Amazon

05. Psych {Season 6, Episode 3} “This Episode Sucks”


I’m not a fan of vampires, and I’m not a fan of vampire parodies, but somehow Psych managed to make a near-perfect episode out of an over-exposed genre. It’s not explicitly Halloween-themed, but Shawn and Gus don vampire costumes (Lestat from Interview with a Vampire and Blacula, often mistaken for Count Chocula, respectively) that are very detailed, and the set designers went above and beyond to create a vampire-themed bar that lends itself to a very Halloween-esque atmosphere. The vampire theme flows nicely through Lassiter’s storyline, where he falls in love with a mysterious blonde woman (Kristy Swanson, aka The Original Buffy) who is connected to a case where a man has been exsanguinated. It has great character moments among Psych’s usual camp, especially if you enjoy grown men doing True Blood impressions.

Watch this episode: Netflix | Amazon | YouTube

07. Chuck {Season 1, Episode 6} “Chuck versus the Sandworm”

Chuck meets someone who he believes he can relate to as he tries to get the assistant manager position at the Buy More. The B story is about Morgan Grimes, Chuck’s best friend, who gets his first dose of adulthood in this episode because he believes he is losing Chuck now that Chuck has Sarah in his life. Chuck has always been about friends and family, and in this episode it delves more into Chuck’s friendship with Morgan, and how loyal Morgan is to Chuck. Who else would wear a sandworm costume with you other than your best friend? (Chuck will be available on Netflix November 1, so let yourself have two days of Halloween.)

Watch this episode: Amazon | YouTube

08. Modern Family {Season 2, Episode 6} “Halloween”

The Dunphys love Halloween, and Claire goes all out to decorate her home as a haunted house (even going as far as admonishing Alex for doing her homework instead of working on her costume). The most memorable part of the episode is Mitchell’s storyline, where he dresses as Spiderman for work only to find out that no one else dressed up; he ends up shimmying down a drainpipe in broad daylight. At the end of the episode, the family gathers together at the Dunphy house to scare the daylights out of the neighborhood kids. Cam tells the world’s worst Halloween story while Gloria talks in a stilted American accent, but the real highlight of the entire episode is Phil, who is freaking out about his neighbor’s divorce. He delivers a lot of sweet and funny moments and really balances out Claire’s neurotic freak-out toward the end of the episode.

Watch this episode: Amazon

09. The Office {Season 2, Episode 5} “Halloween”

The Dunder Mifflin crew always loves to dress up (except for Jim, of course) and this was the first time we got to see it. Michael was obsessing over firing someone while Angela was obsessing about throwing a perfect party. It all goes horribly wrong, as usual, but it ends sweetly.

 Watch this episode: Netflix | Amazon

10. Community {Season 2, Episode 6} “Epidemiology”


It has to be a pretty great show in order to land on this list twiceright? Mysterious Army meat leads to an illness that overtakes the Greendale Community College Halloween party. What could be better than that? The only thing better than the one-liners in this episode (“Be the first black man to make it to the end” and “Jeff… Still cool as a zombie!” are my favorites) are the costumes. No one can figure out that Shirley is Glinda the Good Witch, Dean Pelton’s Lady Gaga costume is startlingly accurate, Britta’s T-Rex costume is adorable, and Chang is walking around dressed as Peggy Fleming, making it his mission to accuse people of being racist when they guess he’s Michelle Kwan. The fact that the entire episode is set to ABBA (along with the Dean’s voice memos to himself) just elevates the hilarity.

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It was difficult for us to pare down our favorites to only ten! What are your favorite Halloween TV episodes?


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