Tune In / Tune Out: Week of October 13, 2013

It was a big week of television, so let’s dive right in to the episodes that we thought were notable.

Tune IN

Castle: After a lackluster FBI arc, complete with a lackluster Lisa Edelstein and a lackluster resolution, Castle returned to its winning formula this week. While Beckett faced unemployment, Castle was asked to assist in a hostage situation, where a young woman was insisting she did not kill her boyfriend. The case had some twists, the ending was satisfying, and we got to see the gang interact in a more natural way. – Kerry

Arrow: While darkness encroaches on the island in the flashbacks, present-day Oliver finds himself at odds with a local Alderman named Sebastian Blood. Along with the return of China White, we got to meet Bronze Tiger. But the best part of the episode were the last two minutes, where Laurel surprises Hooded Oliver with a SWAT ambush. We’re on the edge of our seats until next Wednesday! – Kerry

The Paradise: If you’re counting down the hours before Downton Abbey returns to PBS in January (or, in my case, the real stand-out of last season’s Masterpiece Classic, Mr. Selfridge), you might want to consider tuning into the current program. In many ways, it incorporates elements of both Downton and Mr. Selfridge, but it didn’t pick up till last Sunday’s second episode. It’s a much smaller world and cast than Downton, and the scandals, as they’re slowly being revealed, look like they’ll be darker than those in Mr. Selfridge. Plus, Episodes 1 & 2 are available at PBS online, so you can catch up in time for this week’s episode. – Moff

Brooklyn Nine Nine: Mayhem visited the 99th precinct (no, really, the guy who plays Mayhem in the Allstate commercials played The Vulture, a guy who swoops in and solves everyone’s almost-finished investigations and takes all the credit) and had a weird fixation on Peralta’s butt. The detectives band together to solve a case before The Vulture can take over, while Captain Holt takes Scary Terry to the gun range to get re-certified. And anything that has Terry Crews screaming in terror and panicking that he can’t remember how to breathe is going to get laughs from me. {We are also thrilled that the show was picked up for a full season! It’s not too late to catch up!} – Kerry


Elementary: In what should come as no surprise to it audience, CBS’s take on Sherlock Holmes continues to take the expected and turn it on its ear.


This week’s case, which could have pounded another nail in the coffin of Sherlock’s ability to trust anyone other than Joan (and perhaps Capt. Gregson), took the opportunity to show Sherlock learn not all killers are criminals, not all victims are blameless, and a good opinion once lost can be regained. – Moff

The Crazy Ones: This week’s episode was the strongest yet from this freshman series. The whole cast was great, and it felt like they were in sync with each other. Robin Williams is a comedic genius, and I’m in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Type-A character. The minor players are wonderful, and the voices for the characters have finally been established. – Becca


Tune OUT

How I Met Your Mother: It’s probably too late to pull the plug on this whole “bottle season” concept, but it’s safe to say that it’s not working. This week, every single character was the worst version of themselves, and we still didn’t get any forward progress as far as the plot. Once again, if you missed this episode, you didn’t really miss anything. – Kerry

Reign: Don’t. Just – do yourself a favor and don’t. It’s an hour of your life you’re never going to get back. Trust me. – Moff

Modern Family: Cam and Mitchell bicker, Jay is mad at Gloria for always being late, and Claire second-guesses Phil’s parenting decisions. If you think you’ve seen this episode before, it’s because you have. They’re all starting to resemble each other these days. -Kerry

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: I want to like this show so badly, if only because I loved Alice in Wonderland as a child. (I can still recite “Jabberwocky” and “Father William” by heart!) But there are so many parts that seem disjointed, and without the possibility of a ‘present’ in the grounded reality of Storybrooke, the CGI of Wonderland is a little too much to take. Plus, it’d be nice to have a sense that Alice wants more for herself than to simply find Cyrus and rescue him.

This is pretty much my expression while watching, so: accurate.


I understand it’s meant to be an inverted trope, and we are meant to understand rescuing her True Love is what will bring Alice back from the brink she’d teetered on as a patient at Bethlem, but not even fairy tale heroines can exist on True Love alone. -Moff


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