Tune In / Tune Out: Week of October 6, 2013

It was a slow week, TV-wise, with several stand-out episodes, but a few genuine stinkers, too.

Tune IN

Brooklyn Nine Nine: It needs the ratings, people! It’s a smart, quick, funny cop comedy structured like Parks and Recreation, and it deserves at least a half-season order to prove itself. Andre Braugher continues to hit it out of the park as Captain Holt, Andy Samberg plays the arrogant but effective Detective Peralta, and they’re surrounded by a supporting cast that is becoming more endearing with each week. – Kerry

NCIS: For a show heading into its 11th season, I didn’t think I’d be surprised by a plot that involved both bullying and Twitter. But, the bullying element of the story didn’t attempt to make it a ‘teaching’ moment, as so many shows try to do; and the use of Twitter to crowdsource eyewitnesses was practical and made sense within the logic of the episode. – Moff

Person of Interest: What might have been a one-note story about the dangers of online dating and predatory Nice Guys was actually an interesting take on a star-crossed lovers tale, with several nice moments between Det. Carter and the Number of the Week. But the ‘B plot’, of Robin/Root engineering her escape from the mental institution, with the help of The Machine, no less, was inspired and thrilling as Root politely threatened her psychiatrist and then literally shot her way out of the hospital. Of particular interest is the agreement she and The Machine appeared to have reached regarding her excessive and fatal use of force in exchange for help escaping. – Moff

Sleepy Hollow: I enjoyed the dynamic between the two sisters and Ichabod Crane. It had heart especially with the two sisters. They are complete opposites in some ways, but the scene with them in the interrogation room was beautiful. I hope I get to see more interactions between them, and Crane as someone who tries to keep the peace between them. However, I will continue to wonder when Abbie will finally take Crane shopping, but I guess there is no time with trying to save the world. – Becca

Arrow: The show was the highlight of the week for me. It stood out during a mediocre week of TV, and gave me so much of I what I wanted and needed. It was the strongest premiere I have seen this year with the storytelling, and left with a promise of more things to come. – Becca

Tune OUT
Once Upon a Time: The A Plot consisted of Emma allowing Peter Pan to manipulate her, then crying about it, while the B Plot was Rumpelstiltskin hallucinating and being chased by a corn cob doll as he wandered the jungle. While I’m willing to suspend disbelief that, somehow, stories like Frankenstein and Alice in Wonderland qualify as ‘fairytales,’ I am drawing the line at using Heart of Darkness as inspiration. If Emma starts painting her face with mud, a la Apocalypse Now, I’m changing the channel. – Moff

Castle: A forgettable crime, a lack of camaraderie between Beckett and the guys, and a “twist” ending that has any self-respecting Beckett fan screaming in frustration does not a good episode make. – Kerry

How I Met Your Mother: There was very little plot, no resolution of the main storyline, and we had to suffer watching Marshall through an iPad as he “lawyered” everyone. Even Ted’s revelation that he still had feelings for Robin didn’t seem to land. The only good parts of this episode were Robin, Tim Gunn, and Billy Zabka. You can definitely skip this episode and still feel like you didn’t miss anything. – Kerry


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