Thank You For Being a Friend

The partnerships of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow and Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson on Elementary were the two best I saw last week.

Crane and Mills have been partners for only a few weeks, but the dynamic is becoming great. As Crane said, their fates are now entwined with each other. They must now battle all the evil that comes to Sleepy Hollow. (I would have just told everyone to pack up and leave the town; fewer casualties that way.) Of course, Crane and Mills are two of the very few that actually believe something bad (of the supernatural sort) is happening.

This episode was focused more on Mills’ past, and the wrongs she committed toward her sister. This is why the Sandman, a Native American sleep/politeness demon, was after her because she mistreated her sister. In order to stay alive, she would have to confront him on his own territory, or he would track her in her dreams, where she has no control, and kill her. This is where a true partnership starts to appear. Crane takes part of the concoction Mills is given by a native shaman to induce a trancelike state.

He has decided that he is going to go into the fight with her, to help save her life. He doesn’t have to do this, but he chooses to put himself at risk for her sake. We have seen Crane become more protective of Mills these first three episodes. For Crane, Mills is a brother-in-arms. They are partners fighting the same vices. I have a feeling it may take longer for Mills to feel the same way about Crane because she is used to being alone. The one close friend/mentor she had was killed at the beginning of the season. However, this feels like the beginning of a great friendship, and will become greater once they are both able to open up more.


Then there is the partnership between Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. Their partnership/friendship slowly grew over the last season. While they were once only sober companion and recovering addict, they have gone beyond that now, and Sherlock is finally accepting people into his life, including Joan. Their friendship had a slower build compared to how fast Mills’ and Crane’s seems to be going, but is also in a better place.

Last  week’s episode of Elementary explored new parts of Watson’s past that still haunt her. It was a notable episode because we got to see Sherlock helping Watson, which is a role reversal. At the end of last season, it was Watson who helped Sherlock when he was dealing with Irene/Moriarty.

It is great to see the roles being reversed. Sherlock understood what Watson was going through, and the guilt she felt. He was able to empathize with her, and help lift some of the blame on her consciousness. What was really awesome about this episode was a scene at the end, when Sherlock asks to go with Watson sometime when she visits the grave of the patient she lost. It shows how strong their bond has grown over the past year.


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