Emmys 2013 – In a Nutshell

Today, all over the internet, bloggers and critics alike are panning last night’s Neil Patrick Harris-hosted 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. They are right to do so; it was kind of a mess. Between the way they played nearly every deserving winner off the stage, the technical difficulties, and the constant reminder that death is imminent, it can easily be defined as a somber affair. Even Neil himself seemed to want the show to be over.

There were some bright spots, though:

Merritt Wever‘s acceptance speech, which has been lauded as the best awards speech in the history of everything. “Thank you so much! Thank you so much… I gotta go, bye.”

— The reign of the Modern Family cast is finally over! Maybe now they’ll stop submitting the entire cast into the “supporting” category and leave room for more deserving comedic actors/actresses. (I’m still really upset that Nick Offerman wasn’t nominated for his role as Ron Swanson.)

Diahann Carroll. Just the fact that she was there, her fantastic speech, and her easy laughs were enough to elevate the show, at least temporarily.

— The amazing routine that all of the Outstanding Choreography nominees collaborated on, with homages to the likes of Mad Men and American Horror Story. It was the most captivating part of the show, and even the subsequent Derek Hough win couldn’t temper the viewers’ enthusiasm for the segment.

— Then, of course, there was this:

Mindy Kaling called Stephen Amell “Arrow” and “handsome” within the space of a minute, and it was impressive that he kept up with her. This was the real reason I was even paying attention to the Emmys, and Stephen didn’t disappoint. He even rewarded himself afterwards:

That’s really all we here at WWFTP HQ have to say about this year’s Emmys. What did you guys think?


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