Tune In / Tune Out: Week of Sept. 15, 2013

As the first week of the Fall 2013 TV season draws to a close, and we here at WWFTP continue ironing out our plans for this blog, we found ourselves talking last night about what we’d loved this week – and what we absolutely loathed.

That brings us to this post, the first of what we expect to become a weekly feature of our blog: Tune In / Tune Out, where we offer our opinion on the best and worst of the week. As always, we welcome your thoughts, suggestions and responses to our picks, but, please, keep it civil. And now, on with the list!

Tune IN

Sleepy Hollow: Hipster time-traveler aside, the score for the pilot episode, composed by Brian Tyler, may have sounded familiar to Marvel MCU fans, as he also scored Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. – Becca

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The half-hour police sitcom was surprisingly funny, with Andy Samberg turning in a remarkably genuine performance as Detective Jake Peralta.


Comedy: It’s all a matter of timing.

Andre Braugher also brought the laughs as the precinct’s new, openly gay captain, but the best element of the show is the eccentric ensemble surrounding them. It definitely had a Parks and Rec vibe to it. – Kerry

Bones: The season 9 premiere offered up a solid murder-of-the-week; a surprisingly heart-wrenching performance from Emily Deschanel’s normally stoic Dr. Brennan; and the introduction of Danny Beck, a former army buddy of Booth’s and current CIA operative, played by the inimitable Freddie Prinze Jr. (Be still my She’s All That-loving heart.) – Moff

Freddie Prinze Jr. in the “Bones” season 9 premiere.

Tune OUT

Bones: Yet, the season opener also set out technologically inclined sociopath Christopher Pelant as the villain – as he was last season and for at least two-thirds the season before that. It’s time for a final throwdown with the hacker/killer/creep. – Moff

Dads: Everyone on this show is too good for this show. There were needlessly crass “jokes,” a grating laugh track, and a long, awkward scene where Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi compared their awful fathers. To add insult to injury, the two women of color on the show are treated as punchlines. Who would’ve thought Brenda Song would play a more well-rounded character on the Suite Life series than she does on network television. For shame, Dads. For shame. – Kerry

Suits: It went out with a whimper instead of a bang. Let’s hope for more in the winter episodes! – Kerry


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