Top 3 Anticipated New Comedies

3. The Crazy Ones (CBS, Thurs at 9 P.M., Sept. 26):
The main reason why I am looking forward to this show is because of Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Mork is meeting Buffy, and it will be interesting to see if the show works or not. Robin Williams is known for comedy, and I highly enjoy both actors. I do know that a show can tank even if they have great actors. However, I still want to see it even if the trailer left me a little wanting, because my interest in the show will probably wane, if the comedy never changes its structure it has presented from the trailer.
It still held my attention more than any other new CBS comedy. CBS comedies seem to lean toward fifty percent of the jokes in some form being crude. I would not put the majority of them in the category of “smart comedy.” Yes, they make some people laugh, but will I remember the majority of what a CBS comedy has done? Not likely. I’m excited to see if this pilot the will be great, or if it will, unfortunately, fail. Of course the pilot could be average, and grow better. The two main actors are great. Now is the time to see if the show will be great.

2. The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC, Thurs at 9 P.M., Sept. 26):

Out of the three new NBC comedies this fall, this one seems to be the most promising.
Michael J. Fox has always been a favorite actor of mine, and I’m glad to see him returning to TV for more than a guest role stint. He won’t let Parkinson’s keep him down, instead he embraces it.
I understand some shows get picked up because of the names behind or on it, and Michael J. Fox is a big name. But the trailer for his new show was great, and it did not leave me saying, “Why did this show get picked up?” The trailer proved that this show has potential, and I cannot wait to see if it does live up to all the hype it’s been receiving lately.
1. Back in the Game (ABC, Weds at 8:30 P.M., Sept. 25):
I’ve actually seen the pilot for this episode, and found it the most entertaining out of all the new pilots I’ve already watched.
Maggie Lawson is adorable, and I love her. For anyone who has not watched Psych, go and watch it. She plays Jules, and you will fall in love with her character.
She is the main reason why I’m looking forward to this show. Yes, it does mean I will get less Jules on Psych, but I only wish great things for Maggie Lawson. I am grateful she will still be able to play both roles because Psych would not be the same without her.
There is also James Caan, who plays the curmudgeonly father to a tee, and I enjoyed how the show portrayed the family dynamic. I like that the family consists of only three people, of different generations, and they live with each other.
Lawson was my favorite part of the pilot, and she is going to do a great job at playing the lead role. As long as Lawson’s character does not get together with the character Dick, who lives up to his name, I will be happy. Another highlight of the show for me was the new friend for Lawson’s character, Gigi, played by Lenora Crichlow, who was a great comedy relief character.
Honorable Mentioned: Trophy Wife (ABC, Tues. at 9:30 P.M., Sept. 24):
The reason why I will try Trophy Wife is mainly because of Bradley Whitford. I am in love with the man. I want to become great friends with him, due to how adorable I have found him to be on my TV screen. It broke my heart when The Good Guys ended.


Yes, I know it wasn’t the greatest, but seeing Whitford and Colin Hanks on my TV was enjoyable.

Now he is back on TV, and I will give this show a chance. It may take a couple of days after it airs, but I will watch at least the beginning of the season. I have already watched the pilot, and while I did not find it absolutely funny I did enjoy Whitford’s part. The man is endearing to me.
Finally, the other reason why I am trying out this show is for Natalie Morales. I fell in love with her when she played Wendy Watson on the short-lived series of The Middleman. (I am sometimes in denial that this quirky show was canceled).
She then kept my love with the season of White Collar she was in, and when she played Tom Haverford’s girlfriend on Parks and Recreation.

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